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Local view
Global map view
Competition view

Setup campaigns

Campaign templates
Custom planning
Custom budgets per zone
Custom media mix
Add or modify templates
Distribute your templates
Multi-location campaigns


Define location targets
Mass upload locations
Define multiple zones
Define local competitors
Budget per location
Dynamic ads per location

Supply partners

Google Ads
Facebook & Instagram Ads
Waze ads
Display ads
Premium audio ads
Snapchat Ads


Local campaigns KPIs
Detail by supply partner
Detail per location
Detail per creative

Agency Features

Manage users
Create quotes
Manage multiple advertisers

Frequently asked questions

Can we change the media mix and budgets?

Although we recommend a specific mix of supply partners for specific campaign objectives, you'll be able to modify the media mix when needed.

Can we have a demo account?

You can start to use either DeepReach Catalog or DeepReach Multi-Local after a short onboarding from our team, so that you can evaluate properly the solution. Anyway, you won't be charged before your actually launch your 1st campaign.

Do we have the “Drive to Trust” label

Drive-to-Trust is a certification in France to guarantee that in-store visits are accurate. DeepReach doesn't activate this measurement directly but integrates partners to do so. All our partners have this certification.

Do you have a setup fee?

No setup fee.

Do you provide demographic targeting?

Not directly, because DeepReach focuses on geographic optimisation and we don't manage user-based data. But it is possible to integrate audience planning from our tech partners or directly into the supply partners. Talk to your Account Managers for more details.

Does DeepReach integrate with Linkedin Ads?

LinkedIn is not part of the DeepReach offer, as it has little relevance for geo ads.

How can we track campaigns?

Throughout the duration of the campaign, you will be able to track UTMs to campaigns. And you also have access to aggregated reports directly into the platform.

How do you manage your campaign data?

We are connected with medias and aggregate campaigns. Our platform is auto-nurtured, throught thousands of local campaigns.

How to choose between DeepReach Marketplace or DeepReach Multi-Local?

The DeepReach Marketplace plan is perfect if you want your shops to order local campaigns directly. DeepReach Multi-Local is best if you prefer to keep control of all campaign launches.

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