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Multi-Location Campaigns

With geography as your guide, achieve unparalleled results and elevate your advertising game.

Broadening nearby impact

DeepReach takes a unique approach to address the challenge of achieving performance and reach in a post-cookie world. By optimising each location with a tailored mix of budget allocation, personalised ads, and media selection, DeepReach enables you to uncover the true geography of your audience and deliver highly effective campaigns to them.

Post-cookie advertising with personalisationUnified geo targeting

The most accurate location-based adtech

DeepReach is the platform that simplifies the process of creating multi-location ads. With unified geo targeting and streamlined features such as aggregated KPIs, overbidding prevention, and rapid campaign launches, the platform effectively eliminates common challenges that can impede the efficiency of multi-local campaigns.

Analytics on a map

DeepReach unifies reports from Google, Meta, Snapchat, and other media platforms into actionable analytics. These analytics are filterable by criteria like agency, advertisers, local businesses, and campaign types, streamlining campaign performance analysis.

Ad analytics on a map

Key Features

Local view

Unlock your network's potential with our comprehensive Local Scan!

Competition view

Compare your digital score with your competitors

Campaign templates

Build campaign templates to distribute to your local businesses

Custom planning

Define custom start dates and durations for each location

Custom budgets per zone

Adapt your advertising pressure to local needs

Custom media mix

Meet your audiences where they really stand out

Add or modify templates

Refine your campaign catalogue by adding or fine tuning templates

Multi-location campaigns

Turn your national campaign into numerous campaigns adapted for each location

Define location targets

Geolocate you campaigns with the most accurate geofencing tool

Mass upload locations

No more struggling to create your campaigns for 10, 100 or 1000 locations

Define multiple zones

Vary your advertising pressure for each campaign

Define local competitors

Gain a competitive edge and dominate the market.

Budget per location

Adjust your budgets to achieve the optimum investment

Dynamic ads per location

Customise your advertising message and become closer to local consumers

Google Ads

Display your ads on search engines and raise the bar on your traffic objectives

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Communicate with your audience through Meta social ads

Waze ads

Display your ads when your targeted audience moves next to your locations

Display ads

Display your ads on digital banners, on an inventory of premium sites and apps

Premium audio ads

Broadcast your ads on digital audio channels and improve your memorability

Snapchat Ads

Advertise on the leading social network for millennials

Local campaigns KPIs

Analyse your local campaigns KPIs, in progress or at the end of the campaign

Detail by supply partner

Analyse your local performance per supply partner

Detail per location

Geolocate the areas that perform most effectively

Detail per creative

Analyse wich one of your creatives performed best

Manage users

Create adapted access for each type of user

Manage multiple advertisers

Centralise your advertiser management by carrying out individual operations

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