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DeepReach Catalog

Local ads for all

DeepReach Catalog is the fastest way to excel with location-based advertising on Google, Facebook and more.

Industry-specific ad templates ready for your team

• Explore our selection of available local ad templates
• Set location-targeting for your ads
• Get your quote and confirm when you're ready to advertise. Then see how DeepReach technology drives outstanding results for your ads!

Industry-specific ad templates
Media strategies on all platforms

The choice is yours

Explore over 40 media strategies, including Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, Display, and Waze, each tailored to different objectives and media mixes. Plus, with specific settings for over 100 industries, you're sure to find the perfect fit for your advertising needs.

Advertise with clarity

Each campaign comes with clear performance metrics, so you know exactly what to expect and can achieve your advertising goals with confidence.

Clear performance metrics

Key Features

Campaign templates

Build campaign templates to distribute to your local businesses

Custom planning

Define custom start dates and durations for each location

Define location targets

Geolocate you campaigns with the most accurate geofencing tool

Google Ads

Display your ads on search engines and raise the bar on your traffic objectives

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Communicate with your audience through Meta social ads

Waze ads

Display your ads when your targeted audience moves next to your locations

Display ads

Display your ads on digital banners, on an inventory of premium sites and apps

Local campaigns KPIs

Analyse your local campaigns KPIs, in progress or at the end of the campaign

Detail by supply partner

Analyse your local performance per supply partner

Detail per location

Geolocate the areas that perform most effectively

Detail per creative

Analyse wich one of your creatives performed best

Create quotes

Secure your digital campaign ordering by creating a quote

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