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Get ready to perform with geotargeted ads: drive to store, local retail media, local acquisition and more proximity marketing strategies.

DeepReach | Command center for Local Ads

Multi-location brands? Get ready to thrive them.

With 42,000 campaigns powered, DeepReach is the AdTech platform that provides agencies' trading desks with the best cross-channel, multi-location features.

Your media traders now have the power to plan, create, publish, and analyze complex campaigns for any multi-local use case, including drive-to-store, franchise marketing, local lead acquisition, local brand awareness, retail media audience expansion, and local trade marketing.
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Essence Mediacom

Forget about cookies. Care about locations.

DeepReach integrates with existing DSPs and walled gardens (such as Meta, Google, Snapchat, etc.) to enable location-based advertising.

As third-party cookies and user tracking face decline, location targeting emerges as the primary performance driver for media traders advertising around physical stores.
DeepReach equips agencies with everything they need to plan, execute, monitor, and analyze the most complex multi-location campaigns.

The SaaS platform to operate all local strategies

Cross channel ads

DeepReach is plugged via API to all relevant audience hubs, allowing you to double your customers brand awareness, traffic, and conversion objectives (SEA, social ads, programmatic, Waze, and maps).

Detailed digital analysis

Whether it's measuring reach, clicks, or conversions, DeepReach reports are designed to satisfy all levels of readership, including : agency, advertiser, and local businesses.

Detailed digital analysis on your campaigns

Third-party measurment

To engage advertisers and their networks, nothing better than demonstrating a direct impact on revenue. DeepReach associates with third-party measurement partners to collect cost per visit metrics.

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