Only promote goods
where it’s needed!

Burger King

Long lives digital brochure!

Convert your print catalog into digital catalog, thanks to DeepReach
Printed catalogs are giving way to digital channels.For grocery stores, DeepReach is key to promoting products locally across major ad platforms such as SEA, Meta, Snapchat, display and more.
Adapt your budget to your catchment zones, precisely

Align your digital ad spend with your stores'
actual needs.

Stop spending equally as if each store had the same footfall or stocks! With DeepReach, embrace store-specificity with a segmented ordering system based on relevant factors (store typology, potential of reach, etc.).  

Empower your local managers to order only what they truly need.

Give the right brand message to the guy or girl next door.

A well-crafted ad with geolocated messaging doubles the chance of converting the audience.

Customise your ads to match your store's product flow and distribute strategically across local audience hubs (SEA, display & audio, Facebook/Instagram, Snapchat) for better prospect conversion.
Display the correct message to the good audience, in a click
Adopt an even more precise targetting than print catalogs

Find out a digital reach similar to that of traditional mailboxes.

With DeepReach, transform real catchment areas into virtual ones by precise geotargeting segmentation based on radius or postal codes.

Avoid overlapping bids between close-proximity stores using INSEE codes or IRIS codes.

We seamlessly integrate personalised data too!

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