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deepreach marketplace for home and garden retailers

DeepReach is the advertising platform designed for the managers of your local shops.

Seamlessly engage your stores on digital local ads

Each store has individual platform access and support for swiftly deploying local ads, from product promotions to event announcements.

Headquarters sets platform parameters, while local managers independently manage and fund their geotargeted campaigns on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and dozens of local publishers.
Enable your stores to launch campaigns on all platforms, with given budgets, catchment zones and operations.
Customize your campaigns on the catchment zone of each store, in a click!

Optimize digital ad spend to meet store-specific needs.

Stop allocating the same budget to every store, regardless of their individual foot traffic or inventory levels!
With DeepReach, treat each store as unique, providing them with the most relevant campaign templates for activation.

Talk to the guy next door!

DeepReach features Dynamic Ads, offering the capability to tailor each message and image to specific locations.

With Dynamic Ads, conversion rates soar as they are fully aligned with the local context of your shops.
Some references:
Comera Cuisines
Arthur Bonnet
Leroy Merlin
Double your performance with the right message for your audience

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