Empower your stores
to shine on their own!

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Build a digital toolbox for your network!

Build a digital toolbox for your network

Seamlessly engage your stores on local digital ads

Set up global campaigns and allow your local managers to activate, pay for, and analyze these campaigns. Offer multiple pricing levels or decide to distribute a single budget per store.

Whether the budgets are equal, indexed, or independent, choose the appropriate model to establish the best budget allocation.
Enable your stores to launch campaigns on all platforms, with given budgets, catchment zones and operations.
Customize your campaigns on the catchment zone of each store, in a click!

Align your digital ad spend with your stores' current needs.

Stop spending equally as if each store had the same footfall or stocks! With DeepReach, capitalise ontheir specificities by creating a segmented ordering app based on relevant factors (store typology, population density, etc).

Empower your local managers to order only what they truly need.

Maximise brand awareness with the right message.

An ad with a custom message doubles audience engagement chances. Adapt ad description and visuals based on your stores' product flow. Distribute on appropriate local audience hubs (SEA, display & audio programmatic, Meta, Snapchat) for higher prospect conversion.

Less over-spend, more results.
Double your performance with the right message for your audience

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