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Anticipate reach performance per zone

Depending on the radius or targeted geographical codes, DeepReach estimates campaign’s reach, based on population density and the budget set for each area. Thanks to the data enriched by 35.000+ campaigns, the accuracy of these estimates is correct 9 times out of 10.
Anticipate your performance in each zone
Define the optimal zone to display your offers

Choose the optimal geo to shine on each location

Through multi-zone feature, DeepReach users can set multiple targeting intensities. Before ordering campaigns, they can choose from these zones the one that best matches their local visibility needs (for example: a 2km radius in dense areas and a 10km radius in less populated areas).

Reach the right audience through omnichannel local ads

By creating individual campaigns for each location, you can adapt the media mix to maximize reach for your local audience. With DeepReach's direct API connection to all relevant audience hubs, you can double your brand awareness objectives (social ads, audio, programmatic, Waze, and maps).
Extend your performance on every platform

Extend the performance of retail media and trade marketing

Running retail media activities? Enhance your service by expanding your inventory to search, social, and display networks. Reach non-captive audiences for optimal advertiser performance.

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