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Mercedes Benz

Truly impact dealership visits through digital means!

Is it challenging for a garage or a dealership to evaluate the concrete results of digital efforts on their daily business?
DeepReach can measure the impact of its digital campaigns on web-to-store thanks to strong partnerships with trusted third-party measurement companies (Okube, Adsquare, Kairos Fire).
Average Cost per visit

Meet your audiences on relevant ad channels.

DeepReach has a direct API connection to all relevant audience hubs, allowing you to double your brand awareness, traffic, and conversion objectives (SEA, social ads, programmatic, Waze, and maps).

Choose the best economic model to digitise your network.

Regardless of whether your dealership's budgets are equal, indexed, or independent, you will find the solution to establish the best budget mix. 
Offer multiple pricing levels to your stores or opt to distribute a single budget per dealership to maximize your ROAS with a 2x increase after two weeks.
Define the best way to digitise your catalog, thanks to fine insights on your sector and your zone

Find the optimal budget split

At headquarters and store levels, you'll be able to analyse the digital performance of each brand and store. At the conclusion of your operations, you'll receive a dashboard that consolidates the performance data from your entire network. This enables you to reallocate budgets optimally and achieve up to 40% savings on ad spend while generating greater performance.

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