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For many years, the primary focus of local media sales houses, encompassing regional newspapers, proximity media, and local radio stations, has been the sale of their own advertising inventory.

However, with the evolving media consumption habits increasingly favoring platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Snapchat, it has become imperative for these ad sellers to adapt and re-enter the competitive market.

DeepReach has addressed this challenge by developing DeepReach Catalog, a distinctive solution tailored for media sales houses. The platform features an extensive collection of pre-designed campaigns suitable for various industries, significantly streamlining the advertising process.

DeepReach Catalog
stands out as a user-friendly online tool, specifically created for sales teams at media houses. It simplifies the processes of quoting, selling, and executing a diverse range of local digital campaigns, making it highly accessible even for the smallest local advertisers.

This approach not only rejuvenates local ad selling strategies but also aligns them with the current digital advertising trends, ensuring that these media houses remain relevant and competitive in the ever-changing advertising landscape.
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Turn your teams into a digital sales machine.

DeepReach Catalog adapts to your industry, budget, and media needs. After creating your user account, choose the right campaign for your client, generate quote, and convert them into orders with a single click once validated! Then let the magic happens.

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+100 industries

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Each industry has been considered with its own campaign templates, including the perfect media mix, the most competitive budgets, and the appropriate creatives to adapt.

Each performance estimate is based on DeepReach data, which gather contextual and local insights from 42.000+ campaigns.

DeepReach unlocks the potential of your sellers in digital advertising and delight your customers with the exceptional ad performance.

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