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An « Admazon » to extend your services.

Just like Amazon for B2C, DeepReach has developed DeepReach Catalog, including thousands of preset campaigns, designed by our digital experts.This offering allows media sales houses to extend their own proprietary inventory by ordering digital omnichannel approach. As a result, they can provide outstanding performances to their local customers!
Onboard with your teams on the simplest local ads catalog

Turn your teams into a digital sales machine.

DeepReach Catalog can easily adapt to industries, budget levels, or relevant media mixes for your business.
Once your access is created, simply select the right campaign for your customer's needs and automatically generate quotes to easily convert new demands. When it’s validated convert this quote into order by one click!

One single tool to cover your requirements


Catalog covers 100+ industries. It includes for each one of them 9 media combos, and 5 budget levels to fit your customer’s reach or traffic objectives.

Exhaustive omnichannel strategies


Every performance estimate is based on DeepReach data, which gathers contextual and local insights on 30.000+ campaigns.

Trustful campaign delivery

Agency Ready

To further your digital transition, DeepReach helps your teams become digital sellers with sales tools, case studies, support pages, and personal training.

Agency Ready local ads platform

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