Boost in-store visits
through digital levers

Trusted by 250+ advertising agencies and their clients

Reach intentionalists with omnichannel local ads.

With DeepReach, define individual campaigns for each location, ensuring a distinct media mix for every zone.

Leveraging DeepReach's direct API connection, effectively run local and omnichannel campaigns, reaching valuable audience hubs for conversions (SEA, Google Performance Max, social ads, Waze).
Reach intentionalists with omnichannel local ads.
Choose the optimal geo to convert on each location

Choose the optimal geo to convert on each location

Through multi-zone feature, DeepReach users can set multiple targeting intensities.

Before ordering campaigns, they can choose from these zones the one that best matches their local conversion needs (for example: a 2km radius in dense areas and a 10km radius in less populated areas).

Truly impact dealership visits through digital means!

Is it challenging for a store, dealership or restaurant to evaluate the concrete results of digital efforts on their daily business?

DeepReach can measure the impact of its digital campaigns on web-to-store thanks to strong partnerships with trusted third-party measurement companies (Okube, Kairos).
Average CPV

More analysing for more converting !

Balance your ad spend depending on local consumption trends. All along your campaign, geolocate operations and areas that have performed best locally. Determine the optimal budget to invest per zone or per sponsored operation to achieve the most valuable CPV.

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