Replacing printed catalogs with multi-location ads

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Digitalise your catalog and boost your in-store sales with DeepReach
Printed brochures are giving way to digital channels. For grocery stores, DeepReach is key to promoting products locally across major ad platforms such as SEA, Meta, Snapchat, display and more.

Supply the right goods to the right location

Customise the text and visuals of your ads to match your store's product flow. Distribute them strategically on the right local audience hubs (SEA, social ads, display & audio, Snapchat).

A custom content ad doubles the chances of converting your audiences.
Supply the right goods to the right location
Display ads where they will have most impact, following your requirements

Equalise a postal reach in a digital way

With DeepReach, transform real catchment areas into virtual ones by precise geo-targeting segmentation based on radius or postal codes.

Avoid overlapping bids between close-proximity stores using INSEE codes or IRIS codes.

We seamlessly integrate custom geographic referential either.

Analyse the local penetration of your ads

Balance your ad spend depending on local consumption trends.

All along your campaign, geolocate the operations and areas that have performed best locally to determine the optimal budget to invest per zone and per sponsored product category.
Get precise insights on your performance

Discover the solution,
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