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Local Digital display

Digital display is the best way to give your brand visibility. You have access to a wide inventory of websites and applications to display your ads, through connections to DSPs* Xandr (for Microsoft) and DV360 (for Google).

*Demand side platform
: a tool that allows for purchasing advertising on hosting sites.


premium websites and applications to display your banners


global internet coverage


daily screen time (on average) in France

The fundamentals


Value proposition: It should present the benefit of a service or product in a few words, and it should be the most visible element on your banner.

Visual: It should be simple and instantly link to the value proposition, as attention spans for this type of format are just a few seconds.

Burger King Ad | DeepReach Display ads

Call to action (CTA): It should invite visitors to click with an action verb, and it should also be prominently placed in your visual.

Brand logo: Essential for promoting your brand image, it should have a privileged place (at the top or bottom of the visual) without interfering with other messages.

CPM Formula | DeepReach Display ads

A visibility media, based on CPM

The bidding system is dynamic, which means that the CPM you set will be optimized based on the selected goal. There are 4 main goals:

Viewable CPM*

However, it is possible to set a maximum CPM that cannot be exceeded.

Recommended: control at viewable CPM (cost per visible impression), which is better at indicating the quality of impressions (more than 1 second and at least 50% of the displayed format).


The ad exchange* evaluates bids from competing advertisers for the same ad space.

This site puts an advertising space up for auction.

The user clicks on a website.

The advertiser with the highest bid wins the space.

The advertisement is displayed to potential buyers.

The user clicks on the ad and the advertiser generates new opportunities.

Interior | DeepReach Display adsInterior | DeepReach Display ads
Automotive | DeepReach Display adsAutomotive | DeepReach Display ads
Press | DeepReach Display adsPress | DeepReach Display ads
Restaurants | DeepReach Display adsRestaurants | DeepReach Display ads
Magazines | DeepReach Display adsMagazines | DeepReach Display ads
Care  | DeepReach Display adsCare  | DeepReach Display ads
Housing  | DeepReach Display adsHousing  | DeepReach Display ads

Your local ads, displayed among thousands of premium sites

2 Solutions:

1. Predefined and sectorised DeepReach list
+addition of a blacklist if necessary

2. Customised list by the advertiser

Multiple visual possibilities to stand out and remain unique!


DeepReach - Display ads | HTML5

animated banner compatible with all types of formats

Static Image

DeepReach - Display ads | Static image 2DeepReach - Display ads | Static image 1

standard banner + localised variables* (name, address, etc)


DeepReach - Display ads | Flow 3DeepReach - Display ads | Flow 2DeepReach - Display ads | Flow 1

Banner + localised visuals

*free fields in the text where it will be possible through DeepReach to customize the address, store name, price, call to action, etc.

You don't have to translate, but DeepReach is able to geotarget...

DeepReach - Display ads | Iris code
DeepReach - Display ads | INSEE Code
DeepReach - Display ads | Postal Code
Postal Code
DeepReach - Display ads | X/Y Rayon
X/Y Rayon


DeepReach - Display ads | Square Ads


The square is the most common display format for a fairly obvious reason - it is the most visible and one of the least expensive.

Technical Specs

Format : 300x250 px

Type : .jpeg, .png, .gif, .html5

Size : 150 ko (max)

DeepReach - Display ads | Halfpage Ads

Half page

The half-page format offers the largest area. It is also vertical, allowing it to accompany the client during their navigation, and therefore be memorable!

Technical Specs

Format : 300x600 px

Type : .jpeg, .png, .gif, .html5

Size : 150 ko (max)

DeepReach - Display ads | Leaderboard ads


The leaderboard is a format that often has a privileged place within hosting sites (at the top of the page or before content), and has a strong price profitability.

Technical Specs

Format : 728x90 px ou 970x90

Type : .jpeg, .png, .gif, .html5

Size : 150 ko (max)

DeepReach - Display ads | Skyscraper ads

Wide skyscraper

The wide skyscraper format integrates perfectly with hosting sites. Its verticality makes it very memorable during navigation and it is often less expensive than the half-page.

Technical Specs

Format : 160x600 px

Type : .jpeg, .png, .gif, .html5

Size : 150 ko (max)

DeepReach - Display ads | Mobile first ads

Mobile first

The mobile first is a banner format ideally suited to phone screens. It will be less intrusive than other mobile formats called "interstitials", which are displayed over the entire screen.

Technical Specs

Format : 320x50 px

Type : .jpeg, .png, .gif, .html5

Size : 150 ko (max)

DeepReach - Display ads | Vertical interstitial ads

Vertical interstitial

The interstitial format is only available on mobile. It has the advantage of covering the entire screen and allows for strong memorization.

Technical Specs

Format : 320x480 px

Type : .jpeg, .png, .gif, .html5

Size : 150 ko (max)

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