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In an era of tightened budgets, the importance of promotions is stronger than ever for cost-conscious consumers. However, the shift away from traditional paper flyers presents a significant obstacle in capturing the attention of this audience. While mobile apps cater to a retailer's devoted clientele, they often miss the mark in engaging the broader 70% of consumers who are less engaged.

The question arises: how can retailers effectively broadcast their promotional messages in a landscape where traditional methods are fading and communication budget challenged?

Increase store traffic
with multi-location digital ads

The solution is a multi-channel communication strategy that meets customers on their favorite platforms, like Google, Instagram, Snapchat, online media, apps, podcasts, and YouTube.

DeepReach enables stores to activate digital local ads easily and efficiently. Our platform integrates advertising campaigns across various digital networks, ensuring precision and unparalleled reach to local customers.
Target your ads on the right locations
Allocate your budget effectively across zones and channels
Automatically tailor creatives for each zone

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More traffic with multi-location ads

DeepReach acts as a performance enhancer for local tactics across Google Ads, social media, and programmatic channels, delivering faster and better results without additional budget.

Let your local managers run their local campaigns

Your local shop managers know best what they truly need, locally.

With DeepReach, they have the power to run their campaigns, while headquarters and its agency still oversee the operations.
Digitalise your print catalogs and get direct results from major platforms

Expand reach by digitizing paper catalogs

Print catalogs are evolving into digital formats, with retailers using platforms like Meta, Google, and Snapchat for localised promotion.

DeepReach facilitates this shift, broadening audience reach and exposure on user screens, while offering transparent, trackable analytics to enhance marketing effectiveness.

Extend the performance of retail media and trade marketing

Boost your retail media ad spend by incorporating search, social, and display networks into your mix.

DeepReach enables you to engage non-captive audiences for your stores, ensuring optimal performance and sales uplift.
Extend the performance of your digital channels by expanding your inventory to search social and display networks

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