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Our product expert takes 20min remotely to explain how the main features work: local market analysis, adjustment of catchment areas, setting up an omnichannel campaign and understand reporting screens.
Depending on your profile and your needs, we can focus on more specific aspects (multi-local, store activation, product feed integration). We can also address some business cases equivalent to your activity.



You will then be in contact with our Account Manager (AM) who remain your point of contacts and to whom you can explain all your expectations and will answer all your questions,help you define the price model and give you all the necessary elements in order to convince those around you that the solution is for you and activate your first campaign. You don't have to pay anything before your 1st campaign!



Have you signed up for a local campaign? Well done ! Your account manager introduces you to your Customer Success Manager (CSM) who will be your operational contact for this first campaign and help you at all stages: from preparation to campaign optimization.



For all upcoming campaigns, you will gain more autonomy with the DeepReach platform. At all times, your AM and CSM are there to help, in addition to your online knowledge center.

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Frequently asked questions

How much does DeepReach cost?

DeepReach works either in campaign packs (the price therefore depends on the pack, starting from 500€) or in a customized campaign. In both cases, DeepReach is remunerated depending on the total amount of media purchase.

Other services may be added if necessary (ad hoc development, dedicated support team, outsourced campaign management, etc.).

Who is DeepReach for?

DeepReach is mainly aimed at marketing agencies managing the purchase of digital space for their customers and wishing to equip themselves with a tool allowing them to manage local digital campaigns in a much more efficient way and generate more ROI.

Can I test the platform?

Yes of course. After a presentation of the platform, you will be guided through it and allowd to try out the different features for free.

Why use DeepReach when I can do the same on Google Ads or Meta for Business?

Because using DeepReach allows you to generate between 20% and 40% more performance! Advertising platforms are very effective for global campaigns, but local marketing requires a specific approach, centered on the target zone, and articulating the different media.

Can several people in my company use DeepReach?

Absolutely, an account allows you to open as many users as necessary.

which media platforms are integrated with DeepReach

Google Ads, Facebook and Instagram, SnapChat, Waze, Xandr (Microsoft Ads) and Google DV360 are natively integrated.

Am I completely autonomous in the creation of my campaigns?

Yes, after an onboarding process with your Customer Success Manager.

How do we measure the ROI of campaigns?

Each campaign can be optimise for traffic, click or conversion. You can define your own objectives before the campaign and with the support of your CSM.

Who creates the campaigns?

Your agency or your users design and load the creative assets (texts, images) directly into DeepReach. DeepReach does not provide agency services. If you don't have an agency, we'll be happy to recommand you the agency suited to you.

How long does it take to set up a campaign?

It usually takes 4 to 5 days, depending on the type of validation required by the advertising platforms.

What should we provide?

You need to have an idea of catchment areas per location that need to be addressed, and also the global objectives of the campaigns. Creative assets can come later in the process.