Reinvent your trade marketing with local digital

Trade marketing has always been essential for brands, because it allows them to optimise relations and negotiations with their distributors in order to create a solid partnership and serve common interests.

Reinvent your trade marketing with local digital
Reinvent your trade marketing with local digital

While marketing actions used to focus on physical devices at the point of sale, such as shelf displays, presence in the paper catalogue, or in common advertisements, digital has completely overturned these approaches. Brands are therefore having to transfer their offline communication budgets to the online world.

However, these actions often remain ad hoc and very localised according to the suppliers' listings. Moreover, their management is complex, and requires adapted tools that are not readily available on the market.

With this in mind, one of our partner agencies called on DeepReach to manage a multi-local digital trade marketing campaign for one of its clients.

The advertiser, a leading consumer electronics brand, has recently launched an innovative range which it is promoting, particularly at one of its retail partners, with an exclusive promotional offer.

The campaign targets six key shops in terms of sales on this range, and integrates three different media channels: Facebook, Instagram and programmatic Display. The objective is to drive maximum targeted traffic to these retail outlets over a three week period.

DeepReach technology has enabled :

  • Analysis of local markets and competitive environments through the audit tool
  • Campaign settings, optimised with machine learning and local market insights
  • Simultaneous launch of campaigns per location combining the three media levers
  • Continuous improvement of settings and media balancing per location to maximise performance
  • Centralised reporting on the DeepReach platform with a global or location-based view

With results exceeding expectations within 3 weeks of broadcast:

  • 10.7 million views, +20% vs. target estimates
  • +19% clicks vs. target estimates
  • +23% increase in sales compared to before the start of the campaign