Media companies

Media companies

With DeepReach, complete your advertising solution via SEA, Social Ads, Audio, Maps... without additional resources, and share ultra-performing digital local campaigns.

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Trusted by +2000 advertisers and agencies.

Sell digital campaigns to your local clients with ease

Expand your sales force

DeepReach extends your regular advertising solution with digital, omnichannel campaigns.

Our technology is not only making local ads profitable for your advertisers, but also making it profitable for your own business, by reducing all complex and time-consuming tasks.

Speed up your sales cycles

When using an end-to-end process adapted to local sales teams, your sales reps will be able to sell and deploy digital ads as fast as possible:

  • Benefit from a quote builder adapted to local sales teams,in order to easily draft new quotations.
  • Automate campaign production, optimisation and benefit from a real-time local reporting for all locations.

More margins, Less efforts

In addition to providing a local ads as a service platform, DeepReach supports you in learning local digital marketing strategies on grants and provides various tools to increase your team's skills:

  • Regular workshops for each media companies and best practices on how to use the DeepReach platforms.
  • Sales tools such as PowerPoint templates and business cases, ready to be adapted for your own sales reps.

The most advanced local ads platform on the market

Add a complete media suite

DeepReach is integrated with every ad network that counts for local campaigns: Google Ads, Facebook & Instagram, Snapchat, Waze & Maps, but also thousands of websites, apps and audio channels through Microsoft Xandr and Google DV360 programmatic display networks.

Being omnichannel is key to perform in local campaigns and open exciting times for your business.

deepreach media companies

Data tools for accessing local market insights

Improve your strategy thanks to strong web marketing expertise, enhanced by a local contextual database.Access a large database of cumulated local data in order to set up and optimise your campaigns:

  • Strengthen your performance mindset, by identifying where is your audience is and on which levers.
  • Analyse the specific trends in your sector (automotive, retail, real estate, etc)in order to realise contextual optimisations in your strategies.

deepreach media companies

Geotargeting made easy

Do you work with brands that have different needs depending on the region, city, or neighbourhood? Then you must know the difficulty of allocating efforts according to each zone and optimising these micro-campaigns over the entire duration.

Whether it is a network of points of sale, an e-commerce players, or local services, DeepReach provides the most accurate ad geo-targeting,and precisely controlling advertising networks:

  • Geofencing:define zones in order to precisely set up your targeting campaigns.
  • Geocoding: align all advertising platforms via the same geographical coordinates.
  • Overbidding: avoiding overlapping areas and reducing budget waste.

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