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Regicom, a veteran in local digital communication, prides itself on its dynamic, value-driven approach and its expertise in training and developing its team. Renowned for offering effective and current communication solutions in collaboration with platforms like Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Waze, Regicom ensures guaranteed performance. Their prowess extends to creating their own digital products, including e-commerce and showcase websites, tailored for local businesses. Known for their "time to market" digital solutions and exceptional Made in France support, Regicom enjoys a high customer satisfaction rate. Their partnership with DeepReach further amplifies their capabilities, utilizing DeepReach's advanced platform for automating ad networks, thereby enhancing their multi-local ad campaigns. Regicom's commitment to proximity, expertise, and results is evident in their extensive network across France, encompassing 150 advisors in 18 agencies and 60 certified experts, catering to over 30,000 clients in various sectors.

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