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Leboncoin Publicité, as a branch of leboncoin.fr, excels in simplifying consumer access and fostering local relationships in the French market. Founded in 2006, it quickly became a societal phenomenon, leading in peer-to-peer sales, particularly in real estate and automobiles. Averaging 28.8 million unique monthly visitors, it is a top e-commerce site in France. Their commitment to the circular economy is evident, promoting sustainable consumption with a significant impact on CO2 reduction. As part of Adevinta, a global leader in online small ads, leboncoin boasts a growth-driven, 1500-strong workforce.

In partnership with DeepReach, Leboncoin Publicité enhances its advertising capabilities in multi-local campaigns. This collaboration allows for the effective automation of ad networks across platforms like Google, Meta, Snapchat, and Xandr, reinforcing their commitment to innovation and societal impact. This synergy with DeepReach not only expands their digital outreach but also aligns with their ethos of innovation and societal contribution.

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