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Self Media

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SELF MEDIA is an independent plurimedia agency known for its 360° expertise. Specialized in TV, radio, web & mobile, display, press, and direct marketing communication, SELF MEDIA stands out with its ROI-focused solutions and tracking tools.

With a multidisciplinary team and a studio, SELF MEDIA offers creative, original, and high-performing campaigns. They have created SELF DESIGN, SELF DIGITAL, and AFFIMOBIZ.COM, offering a comprehensive, inventive, and measured approach. In 2020, they had 36 collaborators, 183 clients, 340,690 TV spots aired, a budget of 240,000,000 €, and 1.4 billion direct clicks.

SELF MEDIA excels in various media channels, including television, press, radio, web & mobile, display, direct marketing, and PR. Choosing SELF MEDIA means benefiting from a 360° expertise, daily measured and optimized campaigns, and the skills of a studio and plurimedia agency.

Their philosophy revolves around guiding advertisers in a strategy to attract new customers and selecting suitable channels in affinity with the advertiser's target audience. Their ultimate goal is to enhance the attractiveness and purchase intent for their clients' e-commerce stores.

Collaboration with DeepReach enhances SELF MEDIA's ability to deliver successful multichannel advertising campaigns.

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