Post-Covid : boosting business with local marketing

One of the unprecedented consequences of Covid-19 has been the dramatic upheaval of the advertising market. While traditional channels such as TV and radio are experiencing a clear decline, digital has proven to be more resistant to the crisis. Internet browsing has exploded with lockdown forcing consumers to stay at home: +71% worldwide. While advertisers who suspended their investments are gradually relaunching their campaigns, the average cost of a campaign is at its lowest level for years.

Post-Covid : boosting business with local marketing
Post-Covid : boosting business with local marketing

More than ever, now is the time to boost your business through local digital marketing. But how can you best capitalise on this new market environment ? In this article, we will provide you with the keys to effectively prepare your market return.

Define your objectives to relaunch your business

Be efficient : whether you are an agency or a brand, define your objectives quickly, and focus on what is most urgent in terms of the impact of the crisis on your business. Do you or your clients have a local business? Your challenge will be to successfully encourage footfall back to the shop (within safe distances, of course). Have you recently launched a new product or service? Focus your campaigns on building awareness of your brand and/or your new offer. The challenge is to stay close to your local market by adapting your communication to your situation and your economic challenges.

Adapt and communicate your services to your local market

The health crisis and government restrictions have forced many shops to reinvent themselves. While some large retailers are launching massive promotions to clear their stocks, other local outlets are developing click & collect schemes, drive-throughs, or a takeaway services. Use your creativity to come up with new ideas and let your local customers know that you are back in the market. Digital is the best way to do this, as your customers have been spending a lot of time on the internet during lockdown. According to a study by Kantar, during the final days of lockdown, web browsing increased by 71%worldwide, with social media engagement increasing by 61% compared to normal times. Even with the end of lockdown, your customers are still online, so this is where you need to talk to them.

Enter the post-Covid advertising market

When lockdown began, many brands put their campaigns on hold. At a time when no one could predict what was going to happen, most advertisers chose to freeze their budgets to avoid communicating about inaccessible products or services. As a result, clicks decreased by 32% and conversions by 34%. The conversion rate, however, only decreased relatively (-9%). A few advertising campaigns did find their audience, however, so it's important to continue to communicate, even in these uncertain times.

Indeed, not only are your customers present, but the average cost of a campaign has changed radically: between the end of February and the end of March, the Facebook CPM dropped by 60% on average on mobile. The same is true for CPC : since the beginning of the year, it has halved in certain sectors on Facebook, and has been divided by three on Google.

The average cost of a campaign was driven down by advertisers who chose to cut their marketing budgets as soon as they entered quarantine. Today, the market is cautiously rising again, so it's a good time to communicate on the web without spending too much.


DeepReach provides support for your recovery with our recovery packs

Since the beginning of the crisis, our teams have remained mobilised to develop solutions in the form of kits tailored to your situation and your objectives for relaunching your business. Increased turnover, in-store traffic, brand awareness... whatever your current priority, our experts have developed ready-to-use solutions that are quick and easy to implement.

As the whole market is preparing for a return to normal, are you ready to start communicating now ? Contact us now to find out more!