Rethinking Local Marketing

Jean-Pierre REMY, former boss of SOLOCAL, is developing his start-up, DeepReach, where he focuses on local communication disrupted by technology and particularly artificial intelligence.

Rethinking Local Marketing
Rethinking Local Marketing

Local communication is a well-known component of marketing. You could even argue that it is the origin of marketing itself. Reaching out to local customers, building trust and being visible to your community is the essence of commerce.
But since the advent of digital, brands and agencies have never fully integrated the right business model to build effective local communication strategies.

Either the investment was not geared to the business needs of each zone, or the cost of running the campaigns did not allow for a sufficient ROI. However, the pandemich as profoundly changed the relationship with consumption and the resulting acquisition strategies. If short circuits and local commerce constitute an upheaval in the purchasing pathways, it is now up to agencies to react to this movement and to design hyper-localised campaigns that respond to advertisers' challenges. According to the Google Gearshift 2020 study, 87% of shoppers do online research before going to the shop, to gather information via differenttypes of content (articles, videos, reviews, etc.).

But how do you anchor your campaigns locally without compromising your operating margin ? This is difficult in anadvertising ecosystem that was not designed for a post-COVID and post-cookie world!

New local advertising platforms like DeepReach, which I launched 2 years ago, enable this surgical approach to marketing, operating media balancing in an automated way across media (Google, Facebook, Waze, DV360...), geographies and campaign objectives.

We must therefore rethink the local marketing model. Tech, and especially AI, will now help agencies to better serve this economy of territories.


4 tips to optimise your local campaigns :

  1. Mix your media. Campaigns concentrated on one type of media are ineffective locally. Cross-media campaigns are recommended: social networks, display, search, maps etc.
  2. Forget personal data. Focus on fine-tuned market analysis and optimization against the competition.
  3. Personalise your local ads. Use local anchoring in your visuals and ads.
  4. Optimise your operational costs. Look for automation via SaaS tools to avoid diluting your margin in repetitive tasks.

extract from Stratégies Magazine - 10 June 2021 - -