What language for a local digital campaign?

Digital media can be professionally managed and supported by state-of-the-art optimisation technologies to meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. Here are our 4 tips for engaging your advertising clients in digital marketing.

What language for a local digital campaign?
What language for a local digital campaign?

Small businesses invest between 2 and 4% of their turnover in communication in hyper-competitive markets (service, breakdown services, housing, home equipment, etc.). Many of them cannot imagine being able to access the major digital media such as Google, Facebook and others. However, these media are widely used by brands and networks for hyper-local campaigns, which is a major challenge for the MSE market. 

Keep it simple and focused on their business issues

Talk about the benefits rather than the technique! Your customers are interested in what a service can do for them. Don't drown them in complex explanations.

Understand and take ownership of your clients' medium-term issues: What are their risks? How do they see their business in a year's time? What are their ambitions?

Talk about their customers and consumer behavior

A critical prerequisite: are their products and services in demand? Where should they be promoted? This is essential for the choice of campaign media.

Emphasis the importance of research: 8 out of 10 people search on the internet before buying. Everything obviously happens on the web. As for advertisers, how do they search for a product or service on the Internet? Google is the undisputed leader. Their customers and prospects do the same, so that's where you should be!

Use images to illustrate your point: for a restaurant in a village that borders the motorway, what is the best option: to limit yourself to the few hundred vehicles that pass naturally in front of the establishment, or to capture some of the thousands of vehicles every hour that travel on the motorway by clearly displaying your offer?

Promote your offer

Emphasis the existence of a mass medium - social networks - allowing your customers to spread their advertising through reviews and recommendations, reaching all audiences and allowing hyper-qualified targeting on social, geographical and interest criteria.

Put it in context: with an average of 2 hours per day spent on social networks in France, the Facebook audience is as powerful as a major national TV channel. Imagine inserting an advertisement into the TV programmes of a major national channel at peak viewing times, but broadcasting it locally, and only to viewers who are interested in your clients' products.

A common reluctance among clients is the confusion between community management and Facebook Ads management. Informing and retaining customers is a good starting point, but it is limited to their network. The offer you make to them allows them to communicate on their know-how, their products, their achievements... to an audience that resembles their customers, within their catchment area.

Ease their fears about the budget

Contrary to popular belief, a hundred euros a month is enough to launch effective and profitable campaigns. Emphasis that this is an expense your clients have already made, on media that are far less effective, and often in decline.

When digital remains close to your customers' business issues, it can be an effective and powerful solution. You now have all the keys to offer them local digital campaigns.