DeepReach is stepping up the pace by recruiting Olivier Milcent as CMO

The former Marketing Director of Welcome to the Jungle, who has managed multidisciplinary teams with substantial expertise in B2B marketing andin-depth knowledge of SaaS (software as a service), mobile, telecoms and media environments for more than 10 years, Olivier Milcent will report directly to Jean-Pierre Remy, DeepReach founder and CEO.

DeepReach is stepping up the pace by recruiting Olivier Milcent as CMO
DeepReach is stepping up the pace by recruiting  Olivier Milcent as CMO

DeepReach enables brands to localise their communication and make it more consumer friendly. Its AI-based SaaS platform enables agencies and networks to launch more effective local campaigns.

The appointment of this SaaS expert is evidence of DeepReach’s ambition to step up the structuring of its offer and its international expansion (opening of offices in the UK and in Germany), as announced during its €8.2m capital increase last November.

An expert in SaaS environments

Olivier Milcent has been an expert in SaaS for more than 15 years. Before joining DeepReach, Olivier was Marketing Director of Welcome to the Jungle, managing the marketing of the top SaaS platform dedicated to employment and the employer brand. From September 2018 to September 2020, he was co-founder and Marketing Director of Jamset, a start-up in the digital music sector. From December 2015 to August 2018, he was in charge of all marketing activities in Europe, the Middle East and Africa for Sandvine, a world leader in analytics and traffic-management solutions for telecom operators. From 2005 to 2015, he worked as Marketing Director for Momac, one of the leading SaaS for mobile internet, following other marketing responsibilities at Française des JeuxReed Midem and Warner Music.

A leading figure for structuring DeepReach’s marketing team

Olivier Milcent’s strategic marketing experience and expertise will contribute to the structuring of DeepReach’s marketing in France and in the countries where DeepReach is wanting to establish itself in the coming months : in the UK and Germany, in the first instance. Many marketing recruits are expected to join his team. Olivier will also be in charge of boosting DeepReach’s leadership with communication agencies and advertising agencies, through product marketing and content creation to meet the challenges of local marketing.

Jean-Pierre Remy, DeepReach founder and CEO, states : ‘After just two years of marketing, DeepReach’s approach has been acclaimed by the entire market, which is now fully aware of the challenges of local communication. Thanks to our Artificial Intelligence platform and advice from our partner agencies, brands can now be supported in their strategy and local marketing campaigns as never before. Olivier Milcent is a top-quality manager who will strengthen DeepReach’s ambition not only on the French market but also internationally.’

Olivier Milcent, DeepReach Marketing Director, states: ’The growth potential of DeepReach is phenomenal, and working alongside Jean-Pierre Remy is going to be a great adventure. My experiences in tech marketing will help me structure the team and move the company forward in all areas: branding,digital, product marketing and, especially, content. DeepReach is a great asset to French adtech: our goal is to promote knowledge of local marketing to bring brands closer to consumers.’