ARISTID and DeepReach announce a partnership

The alliance between ARISTID and DeepReach promises retailers a seamless transition from traditional paper flyers to digital advertising, significantly enhancing the visibility of local promotions.

ARISTID and DeepReach announce a partnership
ARISTID and DeepReach announce a partnership

ARISTID, a platform dedicated to retail commercial offers, and DeepReach, a digital local advertising platform, announce their technology integration. This collaboration supports retailers in transitioning to digital advertising, a move prompted by the declining use of paper flyers. The partnership materializes through the integration of DeepReach's platform with ARISTID's Brand&Shop, creating a comprehensive solution for local promotional communication targeting sales outlet networks.

Brand&Shop is the technology developed by ARISTID that allows stores to manage their promotional communication at a local level, both on traditional channels (printed catalog, point of sale advertising) and digital channels. Currently, over 10,000 sales outlets in France, including all stores within the Intermarché and Carrefour networks, utilize this tool.

With DeepReach's integration, stores can now directly  order, create and operate search ads, display ads, audio and video ads, on social networks through the main advertising platforms in the market (Google, Meta, etc.). This innovation promises efficient management of digital campaigns by optimizing the geographic area of distribution, budget, media mix, and content for each store.

Brands already using Brand&Shop will have the opportunity to order a local digital campaign as easily as a paper catalog, thus continuing to effectively promote their offers to local audiences.

This partnership notably includes:

  • Each store receives unique access to order digital campaigns for specific promotional products, with various investment levels, without requiring expertise in Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, or other advertising networks. Everything is optimized by DeepReach to find the best performance according to the chosen distribution area.
  • The integration of offers data centralized by ARISTID (area, product, promotion) into the DeepReach platform to personalize each advertisement. Promotional visuals are automatically generated in all necessary formats, adhering to the brand's guidelines and current promotional campaign.
  • The partnership will be commercially deployed both in France and internationally.

Rodolphe Bonnasse, CEO of ARISTID, comments on this partnership: "By partnering with DeepReach, we are taking a decisive step in improving our offer, making local digital advertising more accessible and effective for our retail clients."

Jean-Pierre Remy, CEO of DeepReach, adds: "With ARISTID, we combine our technological strengths to offer an integrated solution that optimizes online visibility of stores, offsetting the reduction of paper flyers."

Discover this innovation at the Tech for Retail event on the upcoming 28th and 29th of November, at the DeepReach booth G43.