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Romano di Giusto

Romano di Giusto

Growth & Acquisition Consultant - Mirum - WPP Group

"For all our customer's local campaign, DeepReach is our privileged tech partner".

WPP, celebrated as the creative transformation company, is on a mission to leverage the unparalleled power of creativity to construct better futures for people, the planet, their clients, and the broader communities they serve. This vision transcends conventional boundaries and encapsulates a commitment to driving positive change across a multitude of dimensions. With a global presence and a diverse portfolio of services that span brand experience, customer experience, and commerce, WPP is dedicated to fostering a brighter and more sustainable world through the profound impact of creativity.

In partnership with DeepReach, WPP enhances its multi-location advertising campaigns, harnessing the platform's advanced capabilities to optimize marketing strategies. This collaboration reflects WPP's commitment to staying at the forefront of the creative industry and delivering exceptional creative experiences that drive positive transformations for their clients and communities worldwide.

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