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Charles Villain

Charles Villain


"DeepReach has become the indispensable partner to outperform our digital campaigns locally."

Sakara is an innovative communication agency specializing in real estate. They are known for reshaping the real estate discourse by incorporating new strategic forces driven by over 80 creative talents. Sakara's unique expertise is built upon the collaborative efforts of a multidisciplinary agency collective called Syneido. They are committed to strong corporate social responsibility (CSR) and aim to achieve B-Corp certification by 2022. Sakara addresses various challenges, including the development of territories, the emergence of mixed neighborhoods, commercial launches, and national campaigns.

Sakara and DeepReach

DeepReach collaborates with Sakara to enhance their real estate communication strategies. Together, they leverage data-driven insights and innovative technologies to optimize multi-location advertising campaigns, ensuring that Sakara's clients achieve their marketing goals with precision and efficiency. Sakara's partnership with DeepReach exemplifies their commitment to staying at the forefront of the real estate industry's evolving landscape.

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