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Repeat Groupe is a leading media specialist, known for its innovative approach to maximizing advertising results through unique media strategies. Their expertise is demonstrated through three specialized agencies: REPEAT, focusing on online and offline media buying; OHLALA-LES INFLUENCEURS, specializing in PR and influence; and MEDIAPROGRAM, dedicated to content creation. Repeat Groupe emphasizes influencing opinions, maximizing message repetition, and enhancing brand utility understanding. With a team of 50 media experts, they manage over 500 million euros in media purchases and have been recognized with several awards, highlighting their growth and innovation in the media sector.

In collaboration with DeepReach, Repeat Groupe enhances its multi-location advertising campaigns, leveraging the platform's capabilities to optimize and personalize advertising strategies across various regions and channels. This partnership signifies a commitment to cutting-edge media solutions and effective communication strategies in the evolving digital landscape.

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