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Krys Group, a leader in the French optical and auditory market, has been making significant strides since its inception in 1966. With a strong commitment to cooperative values, Krys Group stands as the only optical group in France that manufactures its lenses, emphasizing quality and sustainability. Across their 1,000 optician cooperative, they manage a technologically advanced factory producing 95% of their lenses, adhering to the highest standards of quality and environmental responsibility.

In partnership with DeepReach, Krys Group enhances its local advertising prowess. By leveraging DeepReach's adtech, they efficiently manage multi-location campaigns across digital ad networks like Google, Meta, Snapchat, and more. DeepReach's technology enables Krys Group to precisely target the best locations, customize ads locally, and automate media planning, aligning with field realities and respecting consumer privacy. This collaboration makes managing and scaling marketing campaigns easier, bringing Krys Group closer to consumers in a more privacy-conscious manner.

This synergy with DeepReach has positioned Krys Group to effectively reach and engage their local markets, ensuring their message of quality, innovation, and excellence in optical and auditory care is communicated effectively to a diverse audience.

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