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Heroiks, the trailblazing French independent media company, boasts an impressive track record as the first of its kind in France. With a network of 8 agencies, a workforce of 300 dedicated professionals, and a client base of 800 customers, Heroiks has solidified its position with a gross margin exceeding 50 million euros. Their expertise shines brightly in developing media strategies geared towards customer acquisition, making them a formidable force in the e-commerce sector. In this domain, Heroiks commands a remarkable market share, accounting for over 40% among pure players. They proudly count industry giants like Trivago, Groupon, Just Eat, and Vistaprint among their esteemed references.

Beyond their achievements in e-commerce, Heroiks stands as a leader in European search (SEO/SEA), boasting a team of over 180 experts and serving 400 customers. Their international reach encompasses proficiency in more than 20 languages, further enhancing their capabilities on a global scale. Heroiks' commitment to excellence and innovation is matched by their dedication to delivering outstanding results for their clients, establishing them as a trusted partner in media strategy and customer acquisition.

In collaboration with DeepReach, Heroiks elevates its multi-location advertising campaigns, leveraging the platform's advanced capabilities to optimize marketing strategies. This partnership underscores Heroiks' unwavering commitment to innovation and exceptional results in the ever-evolving landscape of media and customer acquisition.

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