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Havas stands out as a prominent force in the global communications industry, tracing its roots back to 1835. With a workforce of 23,000 across over 100 countries, Havas has established itself as a powerhouse in delivering comprehensive communication solutions. Their innovative approach is encapsulated in the Havas Villages model, which integrates various communication disciplines to offer cohesive and tailored services to clients worldwide. This model fosters synergy among their diverse business units — Havas Creative Network, Havas Media Network, and Havas Health & You, bolstering their ability to drive positive transformations for their clients.

Their services span a broad spectrum, including brand and business consultancy, creative strategies, media planning, health and wellness communication, customer experience, and public relations. This diverse range of services underlines Havas' commitment to not only meeting but exceeding the evolving needs of their clients. The integration into Vivendi in December 2017 further expanded their capabilities, blending media, entertainment, and communications to create impactful and meaningful changes in the industry.

In their pursuit of excellence in multi-location advertising campaigns, Havas collaborates with DeepReach, a leader in ad tech for local ads. This partnership empowers Havas to leverage DeepReach's sophisticated platform, optimizing and automating advertising across various networks. The result is a more efficient and targeted approach to multi-location advertising, ensuring that Havas remains at the forefront of delivering innovative and effective communication strategies in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

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