Essence Mediacom

Essence Mediacom

and multi-location advertising

EssenceMediacom, GroupM's largest and most innovative agency, is dedicated to delivering marketing breakthroughs for brands. They disrupt traditional models across media, creative, innovation, and analytics, combining Essence's prowess in performance, data, analytics, and creative technology with MediaCom's expertise in multichannel audience planning and strategic media.

With over 10,000 staff in 120 offices across 96 markets, EssenceMediacom's global influence is significant, managing major clients with a focus on integrated media solutions and continuous innovation.

Embracing DeepReach's platform, EssenceMediacom enhances its multi-location advertising campaigns. Utilizing DeepReach's advanced technology, they optimize advertising across diverse networks, underscoring their commitment to delivering innovative media solutions and achieving marketing breakthroughs on a global scale.

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