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Dékuple, a French family-owned Group established in 1972, stands as a significant force in cross-channel data marketing. With a presence in France, Spain, Portugal, and China, they have been supporting large account clients in their marketing endeavors for over 50 years. Their impressive portfolio includes collaborations with 50% of CAC 40 companies and numerous mid-sized businesses. Dekuple's expertise extends to controlling all contact channels and seamlessly integrating them into comprehensive creative solutions.

At the helm of the Group is Bertrand Laurioz, Chairman and CEO, the 3rd family leader, who took the reins in September 2019. His leadership underscores Dekuple's commitment to driving innovation and excellence in the field of data marketing.

In collaboration with DeepReach, Dekuple further elevates its multi-location advertising campaigns, harnessing the platform's advanced capabilities to optimize cross-channel marketing strategies. This partnership signifies a dedication to staying at the forefront of data-driven marketing and delivering impactful results for their clients.

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