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Chistophe Thil

Chistophe Thil


"The benefit of local marketing? Each customer has specific needs: it is necessary to establish tailor-made strategies and local marketing responds to this challenge."

Christophe Thil, director of the Blueboat agency, shares his expertise and gives us his perception of digital at the local level.

Hello Christophe, to kick off our interview, could you quickly introduce us to Blueboat?

Blueboat is a web marketing agency that provides support to its clients through digital media. Created in 2004, the agency is based in Mulhouse and Strasbourg, and today we are a team of 10 people.

Our job is to find the most appropriate web strategies for our clients' objectives, adapting our actions to their specific requirements. As a project manager, we propose externalised solutions and tools, which allows us to remain objective when recommending solutions.

As a web agency, why use local marketing?

We work with a variety of establishments and companies from different backgrounds(independent, resellers, franchisors, etc.), all of which have points of sale and subsequently a customer database. These are "worked " locally in order to optimise and adapt the offers to their demands.

It is not a cliché to say that the two years we have just endured have upset/accelerated the trend. The end consumer has a greater need to feel recognised by brands, particularly in terms of proximity. Of course the trend of buying online is growing, but the physical point of sale / relay / advice or customer support service close to home is a plus for consumers.

What’s the link between your clients and local marketing?

We work on local marketing in a variety of sectors, from the sale and installation of home furnishings to restaurants and financial investments. Each sector, and each client, will have different needs and therefore requires customised strategies:

  • Visibility
  • Drive-to-store
  • Clicks (to a CTA)

The cost per click/conversion rate will often be discussed... right up to the cost of sales.

This is the whole point of local marketing.

As an agency, it forces us to rethink the basics of marketing: who are the customers? What are their journeys? What are the contact points?

How did you hear about the DeepReach technology?

If I remember correctly it was via LinkedIn, usually I don't follow up and here I can't say why but I listened to the pitch ;). It came at a time when we were looking for a local marketing solution with geo-balancing concepts and especially a flexible tool.

The first discussions were promising, and so were the first demos! We very quickly did a test on one of our clients in the restaurant industry and then extended to larger projects... all with great support from Louis, Ji-min and Karine!

How would you describe DeepReach in a few words...?

Our 4×4 tool, for tailor-made media buying!

And today it hasbecome one of our main partners.


Thank you for sharing! Let's keep up the good work. 

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