Audition Santé

Audition Santé

and multi-location advertising

AuditionSanté, a major French network of audioprosthetists, is dedicated to enhancing clients' hearing experiences. They focus on expert advice, cutting-edge hearing solutions, and comprehensive client support. With continuous innovation in services and technologies, AuditionSanté prioritizes understanding and meeting individual needs. Their state-certified audioprosthetists are trained in the latest auditory technologies, striving for excellence in every aspect of their profession. The brand's presence includes over 220 laboratories and more than 120 passionate audioprosthetists, making AuditionSanté a leader in accessible hearing care.

For their collaboration with DeepReach, AuditionSanté likely employs digital marketing strategies to effectively reach and educate audiences about hearing health, leveraging DeepReach's technology for targeted, local advertising.

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