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Valérie Piotte

Valérie Piotte

MD - Cosmic

"DeepReach allowed us to work on a geotargeted strategy for points of sale in a very accurate way and to optimize the budget with media balancing throughout the campaign."

About Altavia and DeepReach

Altavia, a standout in the realm of Retail Marketing Services, proudly bears the distinction of being the world's foremost independent global network exclusively dedicated to the retail domain. Founded in 1983 under the visionary leadership of Raphaël Palti, who serves as its Chairman and CEO, Altavia has etched its name as a dynamic force in the industry. They are renowned for crafting bespoke Commercial Activation solutions that cater specifically to the dynamic and evolving needs of the retail sector.

With a global footprint that spans 45 countries across four continents, Altavia passionately empowers over 500 esteemed retail brands and stores to excel in the marketplace. Beyond their impressive reach and influence, Altavia remains deeply committed to fostering innovation and transformative growth. In this pursuit, Altavia collaborates with DeepReach, harnessing the platform's cutting-edge capabilities to optimize their multi-location advertising campaigns. This partnership underscores Altavia's relentless dedication to innovation, ensuring that their clients thrive in an ever-changing retail landscape.

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