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Virginie Etevenard

Virginie Etevenard


"Local digital marketing? It's a necessity for a consulting agency committed to providing more effective solutions to its clients."

Virginie Etevenard, founder of the VH agency, shares her experience and talks about recent projects that highlight the power of local marketing.

Hello Virginie! Can you tell us a bit about your background? How did you come to found the VH agency?

Hello and thank you too! I have 25 years of experience in event communication, designing and organising all types of B2B, B2C, international, national and regional events and have produced over 600 events. Over the years, I have acquired a flawless expertise in physical, digital & phygital events. And against all odds, 2021 turned out to be a year full of opportunities for us with the creation of the VH Agency. It was a dream, a necessity and an obvious choice!

The VH Agency boasts a unique blend of talents and tailor-made solutions that are different and highly effective. Our complementary expertise covers media, communication and events. The objective is to develop and raise the ambitions of our clients through new stories, targeted, diversified, unexpected and often fun campaigns!

Your expertise and experience in both online and offline marketing has driven you to pursue local digital marketing. Why?

This is a must for a consulting agency that is committed to offering more effective solutions to its clients. The Internet has become a natural reflex for searching and finding what we need in almost every field. Lockdown and the health crisis have greatly accelerated these habits.

We adapt these solutions to the client and its catchment area. The implementation of a successful marketing strategy requires optimal digital activation.

Proximity and locality is the real life of most of our regional clients, but also national ones, in order to cater first and foremost to the local needs of their targets with specific adapted actions. I'll tell you a secret: local digital marketing was not part of my daily life. Yet I discovered it up close. Today, it is an essential driver of "Growth" and "Success". It is an obligation in any strategy of conquest and retention.

It is true that today it is necessary to adapt to new generations and market developments, and you have managed to appropriate the subject of local marketing. What is the relationship between your clients and local marketing?

It is a solution designed for our clients who wish to launch or develop their business in a targeted manner in all or part of their catchment area. Develop a tailor-made action, put together a dedicated offer, spread a precise message... With the possibility of analysing and measuring the impact to refine each local strategy. It's efficient, optimised and effective!

Our client Ford has acquired many leads and new customers in its six dealerships as a result of its local hybrid-electric campaign. The campaign ran from April to September 2021.

And is local digital a sustainable trend in your opinion?

Yes, of course. It's more than a trend, it's a reality that has a strong asset: proximity, knowledge of the target audience(s), control over what is said and rapid and measurable results... If I have one little piece of advice to give: combine a local digital campaign with a physical event to reinforce the effect, motivate memorization and create an experience! This is the advice of an event communicator.

How did you get started with DeepReach? Let's talk about it!

Exciting! First of all, it was a meeting. François Quandalle is passionate about his subject. This is the most powerful ingredient for convincing, bringing together and rallying people. Then it was the discovery of a great innovation, a booster that we were not expecting, and which has become an essential element in our campaigns for improved performance.

The first campaigns launched were very successful ... with customers being seen and heard more than ever on social networks.

Superbike, for example, launched a three-month campaign to highlight its new dealerships and thereby encourage drive to store. The two-wheeler dealer has seen an increase in footfall and the number of new customers. It also wants to repeat the operation in December.

Yes! We give them a head start... This is one of our promises.

And what does DeepReach mean to you?

A UFO. Everyone has been talking about A.I. for a few years now, but many of us have never encountered it in our daily lives. Now we have. DeepReach is an amazing 70% A.I. driven technology that puts you in the spotlight in record time. Digital is rising and so are our customers! It's revolutionary.

The only obligation is to provide each of our clients with precise specifications and processes to be followed to the letter according to the defined objectives. And here we need the 30% of DeepReach's human resources and the digital skills of our clients to achieve the ideal formula.


Thank you for your enthusiasm! We look forward to continuing to support you in your future success!

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