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User guide for shops

Bienvenue sur votre page dédiée à l'activation digitale locale. Cette page a pour vocation de vous accompagner sur la commande de publicités digitales et de répondre à un maximum d'interrogations.

Création de compte

Pour demander votre accès, envoyez directement votre demande aux référents Fast Burger. Nous pourrons ainsi rassembler les informations administratives nécessaires à la création de vos établissements dans DeepReach afin de vous envoyer directement vos accès clés en main. A réception, vous disposez de seulement quelques jours pour valider votre compte et mot de passe personnel.

Paiement des campagnes et souscription au prélèvement automatique

Les factures de chaque campagne sont envoyées 3 à 4 semaines avant leur lancement afin de faciliter l’étalement des paiements dans le temps.

2 modes de paiement :

  • Prélèvement automatique : solution la plus recommandée afin de faciliter le quotidien et de voir chacune de vos campagnes diffuser. Préparez votre stratégie sur l’année, et ne vous souciez plus de la gestion de factures. Pour souscrire, écrivez directement à
  • Virement ou Carte Bancaire : à réception de chaque facture, rendez-vous sur le lien de redirection pour procéder au paiement en ligne

How to order a campaign ?

The video below explains how to order your local campaigns:


The local marketing glossary


Frequently Asked Questions

Can we have a demo account?

You can start to use either DeepReach Catalog or DeepReach Multi-Local after a short onboarding from our team, so that you can evaluate properly the solution. Anyway, you won't be charged before your actually launch your 1st campaign.

Are you doing our traffic manager's job?

No, DeepReach is a platform made for media traders, bringing automation and multi-local functionalities to make their work much more productive.

Are you replacing the agency's work? What is in it for my client to continue working with the agency?

We don't do agency work. We don't manage the creative and we don't interfere with your clients' sites or the relationship with them. We are here to work with you and help your team as a partner.

Do we have the “Drive to Trust” label

Drive-to-Trust is a certification in France to guarantee that in-store visits are accurate. DeepReach doesn't activate this measurement directly but integrates partners to do so. All our partners have this certification.

Do you have a setup fee?

The app doesn't have setup fees. The inscription to DeepReach is free.

How can we track campaigns?

Throughout the duration of the campaign, you will be able to track UTMs to campaigns. And you also have access to aggregated reports directly into the platform.

How does billing work with DeepReach?

DeepReach invoices 30 days prior to the start of the operation month.

Is there a minimum budget to invest on the platform?

The minimum campaign budget is 200EUR.

How to choose between DeepReach Marketplace or DeepReach Multi-Local?

The DeepReach Marketplace plan is perfect if you want your shops to order local campaigns directly. DeepReach Multi-Local is best if you prefer to keep control of all campaign launches.

I want to pay at the end of the campaign, is that possible?

Unfortunately, it is not possible. DeepReach requires upfront payment in order to credit the chosen media for distributing your campaign. They need to have the funds in advance of the campaign to ensure a smooth execution and placement of your ads.

How to create an account?

To request your access, send your inquiries directly to your regional contacts. We can then gather the necessary administrative information to set up your establishments in DeepReach in order to send you your ready-to-use access details. Upon receipt, you have only a few days to validate your personal account and password.

Will I have access to tracking the results of my campaign?

Yes, you can view the results of ongoing or completed campaigns by going to the "reporting" tab on the platform.

What does your technology actually consist of?

1. Industrialise the launch of a large number of campaigns with customised set-ups. 2. A single platform to launch all your media campaigns 3. Make our data and knowledge available to advise you on the right media recommendation for your clients 4. Automate all low value tasks to optimise your traffic manager's working time. 5. A unique and consolidated reporting to follow your campaign. No need to manage a data studio for your clients. DeepReach is all you need!

Is there a commitment period?

No. If you have no campaign running, you have zero cost.

Is the margin/fee negotiable?

It can be, it depends on the volume brought.

Is prepaid mandatory ?

This method of payment is preferred and essential in the Marketplace to ensure the regularity of campaigns, on many micro payments (LBO). On the other hand, in premium, depending on the overall campaign budget and your internal invoicing processes, it will be possible to use post-paid or to plan monthly collection payments.

If a competitor offers lower costs, how do you justify that?

If a provider offers a lower CPM than what you obtained for your campaign, it is important to pay attention to the quality of the distribution. With DeepReach, you benefit from a qualitative and closed distribution framework (a list of sites selected by us). We optimize campaigns for visibility to ensure that impressions are well seen (purchasing impressions at the top/middle of pages)."

Do you do LIA (local inventory ads)?

The LIA has already been deployed on some large campaigns, but is not directly operable from the platform. It is therefore not advisable to sell it for the time being.

How often is the reporting updated?

The performances reported are the data from the previous day, 00:00, so the update is daily. NB: it will take 24 to 48 hours for this data to be available, the time it takes for the media to connect its data to DeepReach.

How long does it take to set up a campaign?

A maximum if 5 working days when assets and payment have been done.

How quickly can you send us a performance estimate?

It depends on the sales person but, 24/48 hours can be enough

How to pay for your campaigns?

There are 3 payment methods: By Bank Transfer or Credit Card: upon receipt of each invoice, go to the redirection link to proceed with online payment. Direct Debit: the most recommended solution to simplify daily tasks and ensure each of your campaigns is broadcasted. Plan your strategy for the year and no longer worry about managing invoices. To subscribe, write directly to

How to cancel my orders?

If you wish to cancel an operation, send an email specifying the operations concerned to: This will only be possible 45 days prior to the month of the campaign in question.

Are there Instagram campaigns?

There are no 100% Instagram campaigns. However, we automatically allocate a portion of the budget dedicated to Facebook to this platform, as they are directly connected.

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