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How to order a campaign ?

The video below explains how to order your local campaigns:

Frequently Asked Questions

I have forgotten my password, what should I do?

You can reset your password directly on the DeepReach login page by following these steps: Click on "Forgot password." Enter the email address associated with your account. A password reset email will be sent to the provided email address. Follow the instructions in the email to set a new password and log in with your new credentials.

I have activated my account, but I am unable to access DeepReach, what should I do?

Go directly to the following URL: app.deepreach.com.

How can I sign up for the DeepReach digital ordering platform?

To have a DeepReach account, there are two prerequisites: -Having a local Facebook page. -Communicating your IRIS trading areas to your regional marketing team if you are not using paper distribution through Médiapost. -In both cases, we recommend contacting your regional marketing team to update your situation.

I haven't received the DeepReach activation email or it is no longer valid, what should I do?

Check your spam folder and make sure you haven't received an email from DeepReach. You have a period of 14 days for security reasons to create your account and access the platform after receiving the invitation email. If this period has passed, we invite you to contact your U regional team.

How does billing work with DeepReach?

DeepReach invoices 30 days prior to the start of the operation month.

I have a payment issue, what should I do?

There is very little risk (if any) that the billing is incorrect. Prior to that, you should check the budget with the associate. Depending on the chosen intensity (medium or high), the rates may vary. Some national campaigns paid by the headquarters may appear in DeepReach but will not be billed to you. Please disregard them. If the error is confirmed, please send an email to the following address: finance@deepreach.com.

I want to pay at the end of the campaign, is that possible?

Unfortunately, it is not possible. DeepReach requires upfront payment in order to credit the chosen media for distributing your campaign. They need to have the funds in advance of the campaign to ensure a smooth execution and placement of your ads.

How to cancel my orders?

If you wish to cancel an operation, send an email specifying the operations concerned to: finance@deepreach.com. This will only be possible 45 days prior to the month of the campaign in question.

How can I change the intensity of my already placed orders?

If you want to modify the intensity of an operation, please send an email specifying the operations to be canceled to: finance@deepreach.com. You will then need to replace the order with the desired intensity. This can only be done 45 days prior to the month of the campaign.

How do I know if my campaign has been successfully launched?

Your campaign is automatically launched the day before the distribution begins. You can view the initial results of the campaign by visiting the "reporting" tab on the platform. The results will be available from the day after the campaign launch and will be updated with a one-day delay. For example, for a campaign ending on September 11th, you will have the final results on September 12th.

Are campaigns published on Instagram?

No, social media campaigns are only published on Facebook as it is currently better suited for this type of advertising. We do not exclude the possibility of integrating Instagram later if it is deemed relevant for campaign performance.

I saw my ads in the wrong area, why?

We rely on geolocation information from platforms, but sometimes these data can be imperfect, resulting in a negligible portion of impressions (+/- 5%) that may not be within the intended area. It's also important to keep in mind that people move and are mobile within trading areas, and digital audiences are not exclusive to a single store.

I have very different campaign performances from one campaign to another, why?

The media costs can vary greatly from one period to another, as it is based on an auction system. For example, on Facebook, costs can easily vary from 1 to 2 depending on the time of year, with higher costs during peak promotional periods. Locally, these costs can vary significantly from one city to another. For instance, if a local competitor invests in the same area at the same time, it will drive up the auction prices. Since the potential is limited by geographical targeting, the variations are much stronger than in national campaigns.

I see campaigns in DeepReach that I haven't purchased, why?

Some campaigns appearing in DeepReach are managed by the national team. The budget indicated for those campaigns will not be billed to you. The campaigns starting with "national" are the ones in question. You can see the results of these campaigns for your store without having to pay for them.

Why don't I see a map to geolocate my performance?

The map that allows you to see the location of impressions is only available for display campaigns. If your campaigns only allow you to advertise on Facebook, the map will not appear on the screen. However, you can view your catchment areas in the "local businesses" tab.

Is there a risk of saturating my audiences?

There is no risk of saturating your audiences. Digital flyer campaigns are configured to expose your audiences to an average of 3 display repetitions to ensure a good level of advertising recall.

If I deliver more impressions, will I have to pay more?

No, the prices of the packs are fixed and will not change based on the results of your campaign.

How can I review the budget allocation between Facebook and Display?

Unfortunately it is not possible to review the distribution of the budget between Facebook and Display during the campaign. The distribution is based on the potential of each media then analyzed and adjusted at the end of each operation for the entire network.

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