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Double your chances to engage your audience.

An ad with a custom message significantly increases the chances of audience engagement. Customize the ad description and visuals based on your stores' product flow. Distribute it on appropriate local audience hubs (SEA, display & audio programmatic, Meta, Snapchat) for a higher prospect conversion rate.
Anticipate your performance in each zone
Define the optimal zone to display your offers

Plug a pixel to your ad channel to evaluate digital impact

To better contribute on your online traffic,a pixel extracted from your website can be linked to the campaign. It will enable the campaign to be controlled upon loading the landing page and to precisely track interactions stemming from the campaign.

Reach the right audience through omnichannel local ads

DeepReach enables your stores to sponsor campaigns in their own name and redirect users to the store's webpage for localized information (e.g., opening hours, offers). This increases the likelihood that they will continue browsing the site or plan an upcoming in-store visit.
Extend your performance on every platform

Extend the performance of retail media and trade marketing

Through optimisations and local data learning over time, DeepReach can identify the best setup to enhance your web traffic quality (e.g., longer time spent on the site, more pages viewed per session). On one of our major clients, this approach lowered the bounce rate by 15% and CPC by 64%.

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