Maximizing the efficacy of multi-location advertising through paid acquisition is most effective when complemented by top-tier organic acquisition strategies. For marketing professionals aiming to excel in proximity marketing, the integration of Partoo and DeepReach offers an unparalleled toolkit.


Partoo and DeepReach

An all-in-one solution for presence management, designed for companies of all sizes to help them to keep up with the changing purchase experience and grow their business.

Partoo overview of features

Partoo's interface is designed to streamline the management of point-of-sale information across a wide array of platforms, including Google, Facebook, and Waze. This tool allows businesses to efficiently update their details on over twenty platforms, ensuring consistency and visibility. Moreover, it empowers users to engage with their audience by publishing updates via Google and Facebook Posts. Additionally, Partoo offers centralized review management, enabling businesses to easily collect and respond to customer feedback. It also facilitates direct communication with customers through Google Business Messages and Facebook Messenger, enhancing customer service and engagement.

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