Frequently asked questions

Find here all the answers to the questions you may ask yourself about DeepReach and local ads.

Can we change the geotargeting of a zone?

No, it is not possible to modify your zones manually so as not to limit the potential for distribution and maximise your chances of visibility. However, if you wish to modify this zone, you can always contact your media advisor.

Why can't I see my campaign?

Lack of budget, not on the catchment area, limited impressions on the duration with the budget.

How to create an account?

To request your access, send your inquiries directly to your regional contacts. We can then gather the necessary administrative information to set up your establishments in DeepReach in order to send you your ready-to-use access details.Upon receipt, you have only a few days to validate your personal account and password.

How can I review the budget allocation between Facebook and Display?

Unfortunately it is not possible to review the distribution of the budget between Facebook and Display during the campaign. The distribution is based on the potential of each media then analyzed and adjusted at the end of each operation for the entire network.

If a competitor offers lower costs, how do you justify that?

If a provider offers a lower CPM than what you obtained for your campaign, it is important to pay attention to the quality of the distribution.With DeepReach, you benefit from a qualitative and closed distribution framework (a list of sites selected by us). We optimize campaigns for visibility to ensure that impressions are well seen (purchasing impressions at the top/middle of pages)."

Is the catchment area of each store visible on DeepReach?

The catchment areas are visible on DeepReach: directly on a map from the page of the relevant campaign,from the "Establishment" tab of the platform.

Is there a risk of saturating my audiences?

There is no risk of saturating your audiences. Digital flyer campaigns are configured to expose your audiences to an average of 3 display repetitions to ensure a good level of advertising recall.

Why don't I see a map to geolocate my performance?

The map that allows you to see the location of impressions is only available for display campaigns. If your campaigns only allow you to advertise on Facebook, the map will not appear on the screen. However, you can view your catchment areas in the "local businesses" tab.

I see campaigns in DeepReach that I haven't purchased, why?

Some campaigns appearing in DeepReach are managed by the national team. The budget indicated for those campaigns will not be billed to you.The campaigns starting with "national" are the ones in question. You can see the results of these campaigns for your store without having to pay for them.

I have very different campaign performances from one campaign to another, why?

The media costs can vary greatly from one period to another, as it is based on an auction system. For example, on Facebook, costs can easily vary from 1 to 2 depending on the time of year, with higher costs during peak promotional periods.Locally, these costs can vary significantly from one city to another. For instance, if a local competitor invests in the same area at the same time, it will drive up the auction prices. Since the potential is limited by geographical targeting, the variations are much stronger than in national campaigns.

I saw my ads in the wrong area, why?

We rely on geolocation information from platforms, but sometimes these data can be imperfect, resulting in a negligible portion of impressions (+/- 5%) that may not be within the intended area. It's also important to keep in mind that people move and are mobile within trading areas, and digital audiences are not exclusive to a single store.

How do I know if my campaign has been successfully launched?

Your campaign is automatically launched the day before the distribution begins. You can view the initial results of the campaign by visiting the "reporting" tab on the platform. The results will be available from the day after the campaign launch and will be updated with a one-day delay. For example, for a campaign ending on September 11th, you will have the final results on September 12th.

Will I have access to tracking the results of my campaign?

Yes, you can view the results of ongoing or completed campaigns by going to the "reporting" tab on the platform.

How can I change the intensity of my already placed orders?

If you want to modify the intensity of an operation, please send an email specifying the operations to be canceled to: You will then need to replace the order with the desired intensity. This can only be done 45 days prior to the month of the campaign.

How can I add additional associates to an existing account?

To add one or more new associates, you will need to obtain the email address of the person who wishes to be added, along with the store name and its store code, and communicate this information to the support team. Additions can be made once a month, on the 30th of each month.

I haven't received the DeepReach activation email or it is no longer valid, what should I do?

Check your spam folder and make sure you haven't received an email from DeepReach. You have a period of 14 days for security reasons to create your account and access the platform after receiving the invitation email. If this period has passed, we invite you to contact your U regional team.

How to order advertising campaigns on DeepReach?

You can place an order for a digital campaign 45 days prior to the start of the campaign month. After this date, the campaign will no longer be visible on the platform and therefore cannot be ordered.Please make sure to select only the flyers that you have committed to.

How can I sign up for the DeepReach digital ordering platform?

To have a DeepReach account, there are two prerequisites:
- Having a local Facebook page.
- Communicating your IRIS trading areas to your regional marketing team if you are not using paper distribution through Médiapost.
- In both cases, we recommend contacting your regional marketing team to update your situation.

I have activated my account, but I am unable to access DeepReach, what should I do?

Go directly to the following URL:

I have forgotten my password, what should I do?

You can reset your password directly on the DeepReach login page by following these steps: Click on "Forgot password."Enter the email address associated with your account.A password reset email will be sent to the provided email address.Follow the instructions in the email to set a new password and log in with your new credentials.

If there are returns/changes to be made, how quickly can you respond?

Our response time is 24 hours. Some specifics one can be delivered on 48h

What is cross media?

Means using several media (google, fb, etc.) to relay a message.DeepReach can therefore propose to do "cross-media" in order to use Google Ads & Facebook Ads to relay a message or reach a desired objective.

Can we publish video formats?

Yes, you can. But so far only Facebook and Meta are available with video formats. Other supply partners are scheduled to be upgraded too.

Can we have a demo account?

You can start to use either DeepReach Catalog or DeepReach Multi-Local after a short onboarding from our team, so that you can evaluate properly the solution. Anyway, you won't be charged before your actually launch your 1st campaign.

What explains the variation of CPC?

There can be many variations in CPC, here are some of them:
- Catchment area too small, resulting in a small audience and therefore difficult to reach
- The appearance of a competitor on the terms purchased
- A spike in requests (TV advertising) causing a spike in competition due to a sharp increase in user requests
- The quality of the ad and therefore the click-through rate: the higher the click-through rate, the more the CPC will tend to decrease, as Google will consider it to be a quality ad and therefore less costly.
- The addition of a Google or third-party audience: the more targeted the audience, the more expensive the cost per click will be, as Google will be looking for specific users.

Why are my impressions dropping?

There are a number of reasons why your printing may be reduced:
- A reduction in the budget
- The appearance of a competitor
- Ads that are rejected or limited in their distribution

Why are my clicks dropping?

Your clicks may decrease for several reasons:
- A reduction in the budget
- The appearance of a competitor and therefore an increase in bids
- A lower click-through rate due to a bad message

Can we use our client/agency's advertising account?

Not at the moment, but it will be available for some customers.

Do we have the “Drive to Trust” label

Drive-to-Trust is a certification in France to guarantee that in-store visits are accurate. DeepReach doesn't activate this measurement directly but integrates partners to do so. All our partners have this certification.

What is a keyword or a request?

These are words or phrases of your choice describing your product or service, which help determine when and where your ad is likely to be shown.
The keywords you choose will help your ads reach interested users. To ensure that you only reach the people who are most likely to become your customers, select relevant, high-quality keywords for your ad campaign.When a user searches on Google, your ad is likely to be shown to them. This depends on how similar your keywords are to the search terms the user enters, as well as the types of matches associated with your keywords. We also use your keywords to match your ad to sites in the Google Network with relevant content.
An effective keyword list will improve the performance of your ads and avoid high costs. In the end, poor keywords can lead to higher costs and lower ad positions.You can add match types to keywords to better control which searches your ad is matched with.

How often is the reporting updated?

The performances reported are the data from the previous day, 00:00, so the update is daily.NB: it will take 24 to 48 hours for this data to be available, the time it takes for the media to connect its data to DeepReach.

How does the Brief file work?

The briefing file is sent by the DeepReach sales person and is shared on a DeepReach Sharepoint in order to collect all the information needed to launch digital campaigns. It takes the form of an Excel file, on which each sheet corresponds to a media, and on which you will have to specify the desired settings

In Deepreach Catalog, can agency margins be changed?

The agency margin is set at 30% by default. However, it is possible to modify this margin, knowing that the forecasted performances displayed may then be different:
- A lower margin may therefore result in more performance, as the difference will be placed in the budget invested in the media.
- On the other hand, if the margin is increased, it will be taken from the media budget and may therefore lead to lower results.

How do we achieve such profitable prices in our media environment?

Pricing can be influenced by several criteria:
- the competition in the target area will be a first element of response, if it is weak, it will not be a concern to position oneself at low cost ;
- This profitability can also come from the available inventory. If other national campaigns target the lowest CPM, i.e. large conurbations, we will look for the available inventory on the finest mesh.

How do I choose landing pages?

The choice of landing pages depends on the objectives of the campaigns and the levers.
A performance campaign will benefit from having a landing page that links to the desired objective.
A brand awareness campaign can simply link to the site's home page.

Why are my conversions dropping?

Your conversions can go down for several reasons:
- A reduction in impressions or clicks for the above reasons
- A drop in the conversion rate: usually linked to a change on the site or a promotion that is no longer running.
- A potential error in tracking due to a change in the site code

Do you do LIA (local inventory ads)?

The LIA has already been deployed on some large campaigns, but is not directly operable from the platform. It is therefore not advisable to sell it for the time being.

Can we publish campaigns on Twitter?

No, Twitter is not a suitable medium to address local issues.

How to choose between DeepReach Marketplace or DeepReach Multi-Local?

The DeepReach Marketplace plan is perfect if you want your shops to order local campaigns directly.DeepReach Multi-Local is best if you prefer to keep control of all campaign launches.

Does DeepReach integrate with Linkedin Ads?

LinkedIn is not part of the DeepReach offer, as it has little relevance for geo ads.

Can you provide the campaign creatives?

No, that's your agency's job. But if you can not provide creatives yourself, your DeepReach Account Manager will be happy to introduce a few partner agencies.

How quickly can you send us a performance estimate?

It depends on the sales person but, 24/48 hours can be enough

How to choose highlight/continuous campaigns?

Highlight campaigns are intended to be driven by reach, and include media such as Xandr. They will be relevant to cover your impression objectives. On the other hand, a continuous campaign will be driven by clicks, and will aim at site traffic, via media such as Google Ads.

In my target area, how much reach can I produce?

It is easy to estimate a reach that is fairly close to reality on tools such as Open Route. In a near future, it will be possible to estimate this reach dynamically on the platform, but the date of release is still unknown.

Is it possible for brand headquarters to have access to the reporting?

Of course.

Why do you need 5 working days to launch campaigns?

It is necessary to allow for an audit time upstream, which can take up to 24 hours on Facebook and on display for the verification of creative assets and parameterisation. The setup time is also included in this period: configuration of strategies in the platform, creation of sales outlets, their catchment areas, etc.)

Do you do Addressable TV?

Addressable TV is still too low in terms of reach. But it will be implemented in the coming months.

What geographical information do you include on each media?

The accuracy of geotargeting in DeepReach depends on the geographical coordinates available on each media. Connectivity is achieved :
- for display (Xandr, DV360): to postcode ;
- for Google Ads: by radius or postcode ;
- for Facebook Ads: by radius or INSEE code.

Do you work with DMP (data management platform)?

No. Our campaigns are driven on the basis of +30,000 local campaigns. In principle, targeting is only carried out on this basis, to avoid adding filters that could reduce the local reach, and therefore performance. 1st party data can be used, but it will be synchronised directly on the supply partners.

Can we integrate SMS or emailing in our strategies?

These levers are part of a direct marketing strategy, and our platform is only compatible with paid media.

Do you provide demographic targeting?

Not directly, because DeepReach focuses on geographic optimisation and we don't manage user-based data. But it is possible to integrate audience planning from our tech partners or directly into the supply partners. Talk to your Account Managers for more details.

How do you manage your campaign data?

We are connected with medias and aggregate campaigns. Our platform is auto-nurtured, throught thousands of local campaigns.

What are the technical specs per media?

You should refer to the DeepReach brief, which details all the technical specifics per media.

Are you doing our traffic manager's job?

No, DeepReach is a platform made for media traders, bringing automation and multi-local functionalities to make their work much more productive.

Can we change the geotargeting of a zone?

Yes, by adding or excluding zones in the platform. It is also possible, thanks to the "multi-zoning" functionality, to define several geotargeting zones beforehand (e.g.: main zone, secondary zone, default zone) to choose the one that will best suit the chosen campaign.

Do you manage TikTok campaigns ?

TikTok only has 5-10 geographical areas, which is far too vague for this type of campaign. Instead, we are testing 16 cities with TikTok in beta mode. We are moving them forward to integrate geo-targeting and deployment as soon as TikTok is ready.

What are the operational limits of your media technology?

We are directly connected to the media by API. Commercialy speaking, it is said that you can do everything the media offers and that the only limit is the media. But... in reality this is not true yet.

Are you replacing the agency's work? What is in it for my client to continue working with the agency?

We don't do agency work. We don't manage the creative and we don't interfere with your clients' sites or the relationship with them. We are here to work with you and help your team as a partner.

Is there a minimum budget to invest on the platform?

The minimum campaign budget is 200€

How can we track campaigns?

Throughout the duration of the campaign, you will be able to track UTMs to campaigns. And you also have access to aggregated reports directly into the platform.

What does your technology actually consist of?

1. Industrialise the launch of a large number of campaigns with customised set-ups.
2. A single platform to launch all your media campaigns
3. Make our data and knowledge available to advise you on the right media recommendation for your clients
4. Automate all low value tasks to optimise your traffic manager's working time.
5. A unique and consolidated reporting to follow your campaign. No need to manage a data studio for your clients. DeepReach is all you need!

Can I run campaigns on Youtube Ads?

Youtube is not plugged on our platform. But we can do it manualy for nice budget pocket (20K€ min)

How long does it take to set up a campaign?

A maximum if 5 working days when assets and payment have been done.

How do you justify the 26% margin?

DeepReach allows you to make the most of your media investments, by finding the exact budget to invest per outlet.
Setting up a network, no matter how large, does not include any setup costs, and the operational margin gained from managing so many micro budgets more than makes up for the 26%, which is slightly above the market, and is mostly dedicated to providing a more comprehensive and intuitive technology.

What is a lead?

In a commercial context, a lead is a contact from a potential customer, also called a prospect.Depending on the organisation, the term lead can vary. Some refer to a customer who is already established as a prospect, while others refer to a sales contact. What is common to all is that a lead will potentially become a future customer. The sales teams are therefore in charge of converting as many leads as possible to maintain a good conversion rate.

Can we guarantee that a shop A campaign will not overlap with shop B?

The granularity of the geo-targeting proposed by DeepReach makes it possible to divide certain zones into as many small radii or administrative breakdowns, in order to stick exactly to the contractual catchment area of the shops and thus avoid any cannibalisation.

What is share of voice?

The "Search Network Impression Rate" or "Share of Voice" statistic is the number of impressions recorded by your ads on the Search Network, divided by the estimated number of impressions they were likely to record under the same conditions.

What is geotext?

The "Search Network Impression Rate" or "Share of Voice" statistic is the number of impressions recorded by your ads on the Search Network, divided by the estimated number of impressions they were likely to record under the same conditions.

Can we change the media mix and budgets?

Although we recommend a specific mix of supply partners for specific campaign objectives, you'll be able to modify the media mix when needed.

What is the Real CPC?

Actual CPC means how much you actually pay for a click.

How can we distinguish between campaigns adapted to rural, peri-urban, urban areas, etc.?

In order to ensure that your points of sale take orders efficiently, it is possible to build a matrix beforehand, according to several labels: type of shop, number of inhabitants, turnover, etc. The proposed campaigns will thus be adapted to the labels that you deem relevant for structuring your network.

What is the point of using DeepReach for campaigns that are not multi-local or time-consuming for us?

We are taking in charge all your campaigns setup, estimate, launch and analyse, so you can focus on your main missions : advices, creation and strategy.

Can we run Marketplace and Multi-Local campaigns simultaneously?

Launching campaigns simultaneously can lead to interference and cannibalise each other in the same area.On the other hand, depending on how they are used, the two offers can be combined:
1) by relaying the commercial animation and national highlights under the Premium offer
2) by relaying the local needs of LBOs via the Marketplace
These solutions can therefore be complementary. It all depends on whether you want to give autonomy to the shops, or whether they are branches. In this case, we know what the network's business stakes are, and the Premium offer alone is sufficient.

What are your cost structures?

DeepReach has no setup fees. Its remuneration is based on a fixed percentage of 26 to 30% of the net media price, and will be the same, regardless of the media chosen (search, social, display). It may be degressive depending on the volume of orders.

What is Xandr ?

Xandr is the media that allows you to purchase the advertising space for your digital display ads on over 4000 sites and apps.

How do I know if my campaign is performing well?

Firstly, the performance of a campaign is determined by the main KPIs such as cost per click, click-through rate and conversion rate if it has a conversion target. It all depends on the vertical, but if these values are close to market values, then the campaign is in the ballpark. It is difficult to determine whether a campaign is performing well or not in general. If the objectives are met, then yes, the campaign is performing well. If not, then it is not "not" performing, this is sometimes due to market developments, too low or too high an estimate.It depends on the objective and KPIs your watching out for. On these 3 hypothesis, if the performance fits with the initial goal fixed by DeepReach operations, it means that your campaigns are performing well. On the contrary, it may mean that the objective is not well fixed or not achieved for several reasons (flexible media costs due to a moving market, budget or creative assets not relevant, which means that you can improve them on the following campaigns).
- awareness campaigns : need to observe the global reach, coverage and repetition rate.
- traffic campaigns : need to observe the CPC, clicks and click through rate.
- conversion campaigns : need to observe the CPL, number of conversions, arrival rate.

What banner formats can you recommend?

There are 3 particularly popular ones that are compatible with all kinds of lenses:
- the 300x250, which has the best quality/price ratio with a fairly strong screen presence.
- the 300x600, which has the advantage of having one of the best territories of expression, and of being held back when scrolling on the page.
- the 250x250, which is the most profitable (best CPM), keeping a privileged position on the sites where it is displayed.- awareness campaigns : need to observe the global reach, coverage and repetition rate.
- traffic campaigns : need to observe the CPC, clicks and click through rate.
- conversion campaigns : need to observe the CPL, number of conversions, arrival rate.

On Catalog, do the KPIs vary according to location?

Our performance estimates are based on a national average, aggregated over +20,000 campaigns. It does not depend on local KPIs, but is generally close to the initial estimate.

What is your policy on third party cookies?

From its very beginning, DeepReach has been designed to meet the challenges of a cookie-free world, 100% compliant with GDPR standards.We do not collect performance data from users, but aggregate data from geo-located subsets.

How to register on DeepReach?

Your Account manager must create your login and basic settings before accessing DeepReach.

How do I know if my campaign is contributing to my turnover ?

We can easily measure the impact of our campaigns thanks to conversion trackings.

Why do I not see my campaigns ?

Lack of budget, not on the catchment area, limited impressions on the duration with the budget. It could also be a demographic additional targeting which can exclude you.

How to pay for your campaigns?

There are 3 payment methods: By Bank Transfer or Credit Card: upon receipt of each invoice, go to the redirection link to proceed with online payment.Direct Debit: the most recommended solution to simplify daily tasks and ensure each of your campaigns is broadcasted.Plan your strategy for the year and no longer worry about managing invoices.To subscribe, write directly to

If I deliver more impressions, will I have to pay more?

No, the prices of the packs are fixed and will not change based on the results of your campaign.

How to cancel my orders?

If you wish to cancel an operation, send an email specifying the operations concerned to: This will only be possible 45 days prior to the month of the campaign in question.

I want to pay at the end of the campaign, is that possible?

Unfortunately, it is not possible. DeepReach requires upfront payment in order to credit the chosen media for distributing your campaign. They need to have the funds in advance of the campaign to ensure a smooth execution and placement of your ads.

I have a payment issue, what should I do?

There is very little risk (if any) that the billing is incorrect. Prior to that, you should check the budget with the associate. Depending on the chosen intensity (medium or high), the rates may vary. Some national campaigns paid by the headquarters may appear in DeepReach but will not be billed to you. Please disregard them. If the error is confirmed, please send an email to the following address:

How does billing work with DeepReach?

DeepReach invoices 30 days prior to the start of the operation month.

Do you have a setup fee?

The app doesn't have setup fees. The inscription to DeepReach is free.

On DeepReach Catalog, how to pay if I have recurring campaigns?

The customer simply receives an invoice before the beginning of the month, and has to pay to activate the campaign (as it is pre-paid).

Is prepaid mandatory ?

This method of payment is preferred and essential in the Marketplace to ensure the regularity of campaigns, on many micro payments (LBO). On the other hand, in premium, depending on the overall campaign budget and your internal invoicing processes, it will be possible to use post-paid or to plan monthly collection payments.

Is the margin/fee negotiable?

It can be, it depends on the volume brought.

Is there a commitment period?

No. If you have no campaign running, you have zero cost.

Does your margin appear on the invoice if you send it to the customer?


For DeepReach Marketplace, what payment solutions exist for shop managers?

Shop managers can pay by credit card, direct debit or SEPA direct debit.

Can I buy brand names on Google?

Yes: a competitor can buy as a keyword the name of a brand that does not belong to him, but he must not mislead the Internet user. He may not therefore use this name in the text of his ads, including in the ad extensions.

Can we access the business manager or the Google console?

If really necessary, yes, but only as a read-only right, as our algorithms must not be altered. Ideally, we prefer to keep control of it.

Does the Google account belong to us?

Yes, but DeepReach will create the account.

How does Google Ads work?

Google Ads is based on a cost per click (CPC) model. It works in a simple way: marketers target a specific keyword on Google and set a bid for that keyword. They then compete with other advertisers targeting the same keyword.

How does the Geotargeting system work on Google ?

Google Ads' geographic targeting allows you to serve ads in the geographic areas of your choice. For example, you can choose to target specific countries or regions, a radius around a given geographic area, or groups of geographic areas. These areas can include places of interest, your locations, or multi-level demographic categories.

How does the Google bidding system work?

Google Ads is based on a cost per click (CPC) model. It works in a simple way: marketers target a specific keyword on Google and set a bid for that keyword. They then compete with other advertisers targeting the same keyword.The bids you set are maximum bids: they represent the maximum price you are willing to pay for an ad.For example, if your maximum bid is set at €4 and Google determines that your cost per click is €2, the ad slot is yours. If Google determines that your CPC is higher than €4, the ad slot is not yours.If you prefer, you can set a maximum daily budget for your ad. You will never spend more than the amount set for a given ad per day. This way you can get a better idea of how much you should spend on your digital advertising campaign.

What are the different Google Ads formats?

There are 2 main ad formats, ETAs (Extended Text Ads) & RSAs (Responsive Search Ads).
RSA: this is an ad that can have several titles and several descriptions, the Google algorithm will rotate the titles and descriptions to see which is the best combination according to the objective set.
ETAs: these are classic Google Ads, they are not dynamic like RSAs.
Note that ETAs will disappear on 1 January 2022.

What are the objectives of Google Ads?

There are many different objectives for Google Ads: sales, leads, website traffic, brand and product interest, audience and brand awareness, application promotion.

What is a long-tail?

There are 2 types of approaches to buying keywords on Google Ads: "Short tail" & "Long tail".
The "long tail" keywords aim to get low volume traffic. That is to say that they are very little searched keywords given their length, example: "used red car chrome rims leather armchair".
On the other hand, the keywords known as "short tail" will be rather expensive keywords but with a high volume of traffic, example: "used car".

What is a quality score?

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest, the Quality Score is Google's assessment of the overall user experience your ads and landing pages provide when users search for your keywords. Think of it as a general guide to whether your ads and landing pages are useful to someone viewing your ad, rather than a strict code to adhere to. There are several easy ways to check the Quality Score of your keywords. The following elements affect your Quality Score:
Expected Click Through Rate (CTR): how likely is it that someone will click on your ad when Google shows it for the keyword entered?
Ad relevance: Does it make sense for the ad to appear when someone searches for your ad?
Landing page experience: does the information on the landing page match what the ad offers, and vice versa?
Knowing this can help you improve the Quality Score if you notice that your chosen keywords are not performing well.

Are campaigns published on Instagram?

No, social media campaigns are only published on Facebook as it is currently better suited for this type of advertising. We do not exclude the possibility of integrating Instagram later if it is deemed relevant for campaign performance.

Are there Instagram campaigns?

There are no 100% Instagram campaigns. However, we automatically allocate a portion of the budget dedicated to Facebook to this platform, as they are directly connected.

Can the whole media budget of Meta Ads be placed on Instagram?

It is technically possible to regulate the budget split between Facebook and Instagram. However, allocating the entire budget to Instagram is not recommended as Instagram is more expensive and produces less reach.

Can we redirect a sponsored post to a Facebook/Instagram page?

This is entirely possible. We will define a different objective beforehand and we will monitor other KPI's vs a classic campaign:
- interactions with the page ;
- acquisition of new followers…

Can we sponsor organic posts?

It is possible to recover an organic post to give it media coverage. Conversely, we can exclude our followers from a sponsored campaign to acquire leads.

Do you integrate Instagram automatically?

Yes, we deliver Instagram by default, there is no need to have a dedicated Instagram account. We can however deactivate it if you need.

What are the different formats on Facebook?

There are three different formats for Facebook in terms of ads..:
- Images, which can be GIFs
- Videos (the length is not limited but we recommend a short format of less than 20 seconds)
- Carousels: a set of slider images, each containing a title and a CTA.

What are the objectives of Facebook Ads?

There are many Facebook Ads objectives, grouped into 3 categories: awareness, consideration, conversions.
- Awareness: brand awareness, reach
- Consideration: traffic, interactions, app installs, video views, lead generation, messages
- Conversion: conversions, catalogue sales, point of sale visits

What does "audience network" mean in my reporting?

Audience Network is the equivalent of Google search partners: these are Facebook partner sites/apps where our ads can be displayed. The cpc is often cheaper than on the parent platform, but the list of serving locations is very opaque

What does the "FB clicks" data include in my reporting?

The volume of clicks on FB does not necessarily mean the number of outgoing clicks. It also includes the number of interactions with your content: slide on a carousel, play a video, share, like, comment...
In summary clicks = clicks on the link + internal clicks

What formats are you enabling in social ads?

Configurable formats on social media are still image, video, carousel and story image format, on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

What's the point of changing the visuals and when should I do it?

This mainly concerns Facebook Ads.
It is relevant to change the visuals in order to refresh them. These visuals are shown to thousands of people and repetition on the same target can have a negative effect: the user denounces the ad as too repetitive (or interacts less), Facebook will sanction.
Therefore, we have a variable that allows us to remain vigilant: the repetition rate. The higher this variable is, the more it represents a risk of lassitude or denunciation by Internet users. This is when a change must be made.
A repetition rate starts to be high above 5%.
On high volume or performance campaigns, a change every 3 weeks is relevant.

Why do I have more impressions on display than on Facebook?

The cost per thousand impressions (CPM) for display is more cost-effective than on social media. We have a budget allocation of approximately 60% for social media and 40% for display. Since the CPM is more cost-effective on display, it is normal to have more impressions even if a larger budget is invested in Facebook.We constantly prioritise Facebook, but we are dependent on the investment potential in certain areas.

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