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Design, launch and optimise local ads on all digital media

An overview of the deepreach platform for local ads

The platform for local ads

Data-driven tools for optimal campaign targeting.

DeepReach uses its exclusive data to create consummate campaign settings right from the start, including unique tools like local market scanning, geotargeting and geobudgeting.

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Activating local ads becomes effortless.

DeepReach's tech automates what a trading desk of 20 people would take to operate multi-local campaigns, LIA (local inventory ads), integration with every ad networks, consolidation of reportings etc...

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AI-based optimisation.

With DeepReach, each location can be personalised with ad variations, media mix, budget, or ad strategies. Performance and optimisation tactics can be enhanced thanks to campaign reports.

Omni-channel analytics. Geo powered.

Analyse the results of your local campaigns, including metrics from each zones and ad networks.

Platform features

Local market scan

Scan brand local visibility, how competition compares and opportunities to invest.

Geo budgeting

Some locations need more support than others. Set your budget precisely for each zone.

Campaign templates

Leverage AI and pick the best local strategy customised for your business and your local market.

Multi local campaigns

Deploy high-performing ads in 100, 1000 or 10 000 locations, instantly.

Activation for PoS

Make your local points of sale order and publish their local ads.

Omnichannel ads

Mix your ads across search, social, audio and display to top digital publishers to optimise local market response.

Ad automation

Save ops time with automation and machine learning for small targeted local campaigns.

Ad personalisation

Integrate local variables into your ad assets, such as city, place names, opening hours, or even your product catalogue. Make your ad assets unique to each consumer.

Granular monitoring

Concentrate data from all media networks in real time to monitor local performance.

Local insights

Get real-time insights on how your network is performing, market by market.

Local ads, as a service

From widgets to SSO, to API integration, discover how you can embed the DeepReach technology on your own platform.

It's time to supercharge your local campaigns
on all ad networks.

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Search Engine Ads (SEA)

DeepReach demultiplies the performance of your SEA. Instead of using Google core features (geotagging and geokeywords) that limits CPC optimisations, DeepReach creates multiple campaigns for each hyperlocal area in order to optimise ad spending by up to 40%.

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Social Media Ads (SMA)

DeepReach is fully integrated with Facebook Ads, Instagram and SnapChat. TikTok ads and additional networks are coming soon!

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Display & Programmatic Ads

Extend your local campaign strategies with hyperlocal campaigns on premium inventory across screens, from web publishers, in-app, OTT to CTV to video and more.

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Waze & Map Ads

Consumers use maps. Drivers use Waze. Being visible on these channels is the new normal for any brand looking to reach its audience.

DeepReach is fully integrated with Waze Ads and offers super simple ad automation and complete reporting for local Waze campaigns.

waze ads platform
Microsoft Xandr logoGoogle DV360

Audio digital

Publish 15 to 30 second spots on media such as Deezer, NRJ, M6, or the largest regional web radio stations!

With a 93% listen rate, audio (which includes music streaming, podcasts and web radio) offers a much higher recall than any other media. With DeepReach, your audio investments are focused on your geographical areas.

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Top reasons why they use DeepReach

Digital local advertising is growing by 20% per year, but agencies are still struggling to generate revenue.

DeepReach is designed to help agencies find new business opportunities through local advertising.

  • 1

    No need for new skills to sell local campaigns. DeepReach can be used by your existing team.

  • 2

    Dashboards include different views for your advertisers and internal teams.

  • 3

    Benefit from premium support from your DeepReach’s Account Manager, and strengthen your service portfolio with the best solution for local advertising.

Conventional methods for setting up digital campaigns are not relevant for local ads. Without local-by-design adtech, local ads end in poor performance or in reduced margins.

DeepReach is the prefered local ads platform for media traders, traffic managers and digital ads experts.

  • 1

    Program customised local campaigns or select from campaign templates, formulated according to your industry and your locations

  • 2

    Control and optimise your assets thanks to aggregated metrics across all ad networks

  • 3

    Benefit from premium support from your DeepReach Customer Success Manager, and become an expert in local ads.

Stop wasting your advertising budget without taking into account the specificities of your catchment areas.

DeepReach is the tech for marketing agencies and their local strategies, with more than 11,000 campaigns already operated.

  • 1

    Program your custom local campaigns or select from campaign templates, formulated according to your industry and your locations

  • 2

    Control and optimise your assets thanks to aggregated metrics from all ad networks

  • 3

    Benefit from premium support from your DeepReach’s Customer Success Manager, and never walk alone to become an expert in local ads.

Ad agencies and advertisers from big to small

We run ads on Facebook's network in parallel with display networks, in order to generate engagement but also visits to the advertiser's website.

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