Big data to simplify local advertising measurements

A simple advertising indicator designed to aggregate traditional and often complex advertising measures. It helps local businesses evaluate their local marketing performance, and benchmark competitors. The indicator is directly correlated to real economic performance, to help businesses make better decisions. 

Media synchronisation & integration from a single platform

The DeepReach platform was developed to easily integrate and leverage the technologies of our media partners, and improve the global performance of advertising campaigns. DeepReach technology improves agency expertise and optimises media balancing (Search, Social, Display/Programmatic …)

An innovative language to seamlessly manage campaigns across all medias

A universal language based on DeepReach Machine Learning, exclusively developed to connect the platform to all digital media platforms automatically. A campaign is set up once, the platform communicates the relevant parameters to each media. 

DeepReach technology offers advertisers adapted local campaign scenarios across a single or multiple sites, according to competition analyses and local business objectives. To answer those needs, the DeepReach platform translates a brief into campaign scenarios. 

An interface for managing multi-site networks

The ergonomic design of the platform allows an easy management of campaigns, even with complex networks. Automation allows for campaigns to be personalised by catchment area. 

Financial and performance management tools are available to advertisers, allowing them to view in detail, site per site, media per media, the results of their advertising campaigns. 

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