Chief Help Officer

He is in charge of presenting the DeepReach platform and providing initial answers to questions from our customers and partners.

Jean-Pierre Remy

Founder & CEO

As a multi-entrepreneur, he defines DeepReach’s strategy, its general organisation and guides its priorities and product development.

Jean-Charles Brandely

Associate & Deputy General Manager

Jean-Charles is a growth strategies expert in the technology field. He supervises operations, including sales development, marketing, trading & customer success teams, as well as partnerships.

Guillaume Lhoste


Guillaume defines, builds and supervises everything about finance, from financial and budget strategy planning to its implementation throughout all of the company’s processes.

Jean-François Paccini


Jean-François is an Internet technologies specialist. He joined DeepReach to develop the connectivity strategies between our platform and the different media.

Charles de Lassence

Head of Product

Charles is an expert in data and digital media. He joined DeepReach as the Head of Product to coordinate the platform development and optimise its media performances.

Guillaume Pénigaud

VP Operations & Data

As an expert in digital and strategic marketing, Guillaume is in charge of operational excellence, and makes sure that DeepReach meets client needs in all circumstances.

Nam Phuong Nguyen Huynh

VP Sales & Marketing Mid Market

Nam Phuong is a digital marketing and digital transformation expert. She leads the mid-market segment to promote sales development and DeepReach’s image to local and regional agencies and sales houses.

Florian Esmieu

VP Sales & Marketing Large Accounts

A digital marketing specialist, Florian works with large network accounts to enable them to optimize their digital investments as closely as possible to the business needs of each point of sale.

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