Multi local lead generation campaigns, activated on relevant leverages with a localized message of appointment, quotation…

Acquisition control (e.g: quotations, appointments) by point of sales (dealership, agencie…), as closely as possible to business needs

Real conversion sizing (Google Analytics, CRM…)

Mix media optimization to maximize conversions by point of sales

Geo balancing adjustment according to expected amounts of each point of sales

The DeepReach difference:

Improvement of all points of sales’ performances, thanks to an optimized and fully transparent mix media, on each point of sales

Control on each point of sales amounts to meet local economic stakes (e.g: local market shares, occupancy rate…)

with DeepReach technology


A digital agency aims to improve acquisition performances of one of its client – a 73 gyms French network – through a local approach, to raise the subscription rate


Raise leads amount on all gyms while controlling the acquisition cost

Acquisition cost optimization by 20%

Sport 2



Media and independent consultancy agency

French network of 73 gyms



Ultra local targeting to optimize bidding areas and avoid overlaps between gyms

Budget control differentiated according to the gyms, and mix media dynamic optimization between Google and Facebook to optimize local CPA, keeping a minimum of budget per gym to ensure a continuous leads flow


73 customer catchment areas corresponding to the French network gyms

4Mix media






Media KPI

8 millions of impressions

Business impact

Acquisition cost optimization by 20%

Agency management time reduced by 80%


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