+180% Ad Performance

• Precise geographic targeting
• Optimised media mix: Waze, Google, Meta, Snapchat, Xandr, Audio
• Real-time local performance forecasts
• Ad automation‍

20+ features to boost your performance

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Adopted by major advertisers

Multi-location advertising


Focus on particular catchment areas that need more advertising exposure, while managing the budget distribution for each zone.


Discover new zones to target and optimise your campaign's geography


Experiment with new formats and supply partners to enhance your campaign's performance

DeepReach Success | Advertisers

Location, key to digital advertisement performance

Automate ad networks

Reach your local audiences where they are most active and engaged with your ad campaigns.

DeepReach integrates with Google Ads, Meta, Snapchat, Waze, and Xandr.

Predict your performance

DeepReach's extensive database of over 30,000 local campaigns serves as a powerful resource for advertisers seeking to optimise their geoplanning and campaign strategies.

DeepReach Performance views

Minimize work
Get more results

DeepReach is designed to dramatically reduce media traders' work when launching multi-local campaigns.

Moreover, DeepReach provide tools for agencies and advertisers to let local businesses order their campaigns, reducing the complexity of selling and operating local ads.

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DeepReach V1 is launched on the marketafter 18 monts of R&D.


Adtech talents currently working all across France, with HQ in downtown Paris.


Local ads campaign created through the DeepReach platform by our customers.

Frequently asked questions

Are you doing our traffic manager's job?

No, DeepReach is a platform made for media traders, bringing automation and multi-local functionalities to make their work much more productive.

Are you replacing the agency's work? What is in it for my client to continue working with the agency?

We don't do agency work. We don't manage the creative and we don't interfere with your clients' sites or the relationship with them. We are here to work with you and help your team as a partner.

Can you provide the campaign creatives?

No, that's your agency's job. But if you can not provide creatives yourself, your DeepReach Account Manager will be happy to introduce a few partner agencies.

Do you have a setup fee?

The app doesn't have setup fees. The inscription to DeepReach is free.

What geographical information do you include on each media?

The accuracy of geotargeting in DeepReach depends on the geographical coordinates available on each media. Connectivity is achieved : - for display (Xandr, DV360): to postcode, - for Google Ads: by radius or postcode, - for Facebook Ads: by radius or INSEE code.

Is there a commitment period?

No. If you have no campaign running, you have zero cost.

How long does it take to set up a campaign?

A maximum if 5 working days when assets and payment have been done.