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Tech platforms

Upgrade your platform with a local ads module.

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Raise your customers' local visibility

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Ad packs

Once integrated, DeepReach act as your commerce UI for ordering local advertising campaigns. To make it simple, advertising packs will be defined together in order to create the best portfolio of local ads. Therefore, customers will buy ad packs from you, as simple as a product on Amazon.

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Accurate geo-targeting

DeepReach only publishes ads to the desired geographic areas, without having to set up ads for each separate advertising channel. Everything is super simple for all advertisers,even if they are not experts:

Your customer, after selecting the right ad pack, will simply select on a map where their prospects are located. DeepReach will automatically convert these areas into proper settings for each digital ad network, such as Google, Facebook, or Waze.

Omnichannel ads

Advertising packs mix programmatic levers with social media through a single adtech platform (Xandr, DV360, Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Waze), to develop and optimise omnichannel campaigns for your customers.

Your local ads module, powered by DeepReach

Platform connection scheme

DeepReach can be integrated with your existing SaaS to deliver a profitable local ads module. 3 integration models are available:

  1. Single Sign-on (SSO): the user connects with his usual login/password on your platform to access DeepReach features.
  2. SSO + white label: customise DeepReach with your logo and custom links.
  3. API: your platform gets connected with DeepReach features, including campaign ordering and reports.

New revenues for your business

Digital advertising is spreading to all businesses. Seize the opportunity.

Local digital advertising is growing at a rate of around 20% per year.

  • 87% of buyers now consult online information before going to the local shop. Your physical customers need to be addressed digitally, for in each catchment area.
  • More than half of retailers observe a jump in footfall in-store traffic growth, following a local digital marketing operation

DeepReach allows you to apply your own margin rates to local advertising packs, orderable directly by your customers.

Sales tools and support

More than just a technology, DeepReach will help to get your marketing and sales team ready to turn this local ad module into a business success. That includes:

  • Workshops and Knowledge Center
  • Support from your DeepReach’s Customer Success Manager (CSM)
  • Sales tools to develop the right sales pitch to your customers and prospects

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