Real Estate

Real Estate

Get the lead on your local competition by investing local digital marketing. Maximise your lead generation on each sale location and ensure that they are highly qualified.

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Boost your sales with local digital ad

geofence business areas

Geo impact accuracy

Location is everything for Real Estate ! Having local communication is part of every developer or agency's DNA. Because it is the first criteria on this market, make the most of your geo impact:

  • Geo-fence business areas to target your potential buyers
  • Customise local coverage by excluding optional areas or adapting bids on a finer mesh to avoid over-bidding

digital media mix

Extra qualifying, less biddings.

Thanks to DeepReach technology, bid on the right medias, at the right place, and to the right people! Drive even more qualified leads with competing costs per acquisition :

  • With media balancing, make the most of each lever effectiveness and put budget pressure on medias that are performing for your local targets
  • With geo budgeting, make clever invests on catchment areas and mix budgets from one to another, to focus on local needs

Maximise your local trace on your market

Merge local ads levers

Being present at all stages of the customer journey and on all levers is essential. Omnichannel strategies are the best way to qualify and convert leads:

  • Generate fast digital media bids on Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Snapchat, Waze & Maps, but also all websites, apps and audio inventories through Xandr and DV 360 programmatic display network
  • Make order & billing scheme easier than never, by carrying out through headquarter or points of sale (by direct debit or credit card)

Customise brand message

Boost your local communication by adapting each ad component to store's and catchment area's context:

  • Easily cross a global brand message with customised messages, according to local contexts (properties for sale, opening hours, store name and location, etc.)
  • Ensure brands consistency by controlling each visual element dropped on the platform

DeepReach, key real estate developer.

Digital advertising is spreading to all businesses.

Local digital advertising is growing at a rate of around 20% per year. Real estate is no stranger to this trend, on the contrary:

  • 90% of property searches start on search engines and take brand awareness as the main guiding factor.
  • 54% of potential buyers want more innovative real estate actors. Working on your digital ads today will get you mandates tomorrow!

Local Adtech for revenue

  • Limit your margin of error, developing intentional queries
  • Empower your sales teams with technology to qualify leads upstream and make easier and faster closing
  • Improve the individual contribution of all your points of sale to overall revenues and increase brand’s turnover
Getting started is easy

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