Media traders

Media traders

Create a bonus on your high-value tasks by automating all the time-consuming setup steps.

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Prioritise high-value tasks

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Become a local ads super trader!

Media trading and bids on each point of sale are complex and time-consuming. Focus on consulting and customer support with an automated solution to publish cross-media ads, in every location in just a few clicks:

  • Let headquarters co-build and customise campaigns with specific budgets, audiences, and levers for each local area.
  • Set upstream campaign packages and let your teams or LBOs  activate it, while ensuring their quality.

Develop new business revenues

Complete the range of your services by integrating a fast and intuitive solution. Offer more qualitative support in order to steady and upsell your existing business:

  • Raise the interest of new networked advertiser’s by giving their branches the ability to manage a large volume of campaigns and merge their needs.
  • Make high performance a standard with numerous automations and an algorithm that allows delivering high results on campaigns, even for local budgets

Easily spread advertisers’ national campaigns

Accurate local reach

Manage an ultra-granular geo-builder to publish local ads without having to set up these for each media. Everything is made simple:

  • Geo-fence business areas in order to target your customer’s potential buyers.
  • Customise local coverage by excluding optional areas or adapting bids on a finer mesh to avoid over-bidding
  • Budget on profitable areas by balancing investments in the right place throughout the campaign.

The most advanced media suite on the market

Being omnichannel is key to performing in local campaigns. DeepReach makes your organisation omnichannel-ready by integrating every ad network that counts to enhance local performance:

  • Generate fast digital media bids on Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Snapchat, Waze & Maps, but also all websites, apps and audio inventories through Xandr and DV 360 programmatic display network
  • Make the most of each lever effectiveness and put budget pressure on performing medias for your local targets

Track and share performance

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Focus on your objectives by analysing campaigns insights on a site-by-site basis :

  • Use local and daily updated insights to make strategic changes to your media bids during the campaign and according to your key objectives.
  • Download consolidate campaigns reports in order to easily share results with your customer’s head office or its stores.
Getting started is easy

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