Turn national issues into local actions, to improve your answer to each one who needs and promote your solutions through multilocal ads.

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Better cover local emergencies

local data insights

Refine your knowledge on local health

Benefit from proprietary technology and explore a contextual database already empowered by +500 references on healthcare:

  • Analyse the specific trends on your sector to realize contextual optimisations on your strategies
  • Strengthen your performance mindset, by identifying where is your audience and on which levers

local geofencing map

Meet accurate local health needs

According to data and local variations, split budget pressure into sharp areas that most need your care:

  • Geo-fence business areas to reach customers near locations you want to target with radius and zip code targeting
  • Customise local coverage by excluding optional areas or adapting bids on a finer mesh to avoid over-bidding

Care of the right target audience

Drive even more qualified leads

Being omnichannel is key to perform in local campaigns. DeepReach makes your organisation omnichannel-ready by integrating every ad network that counts to enhance local performance:

  • Generate fast digital media bids on Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Snapchat, Waze & Maps, but also all websites, apps, and audio inventories through Xandr and DV 360 display network
  • Whitelist intentional keywords or websites, and filter contextual media audiences to ensure your messages are directed to qualified leads only.

Customise your answer by location

Take advantage of creative digital ads optimisations to be the most relevant on your local speech:

  • Customise creative ads to better address your speaking : URL, store name, opening hours, call to action (go to website, sign up, make an appointment, etc)
  • Rotate visual assets with smart automation to avoid running out of steam and qualify more accurately
  • Ensure brands consistency by controlling each visual element dropped on the platform

Optimise performances


Get an optimal & performing setup

Thanks to DeepReach, bid on the right media, at the right place, and to the right people ! Take advantage of automated and fast optimisations to easily monetize investment  :

  • Make the most of each lever's effectiveness and split pressure on performing medias. Smartly optimise the media mix to meet your local targets at multiple points
  • Automatically scale on actual in-store needs to shift budgets between stores, thanks to geo budgeting features
  • Optimise bids on a regular basis for each lever to get the most out of each one and generate competing media costs (per click, lead or purchase)

Track media spend at every level

Easily track your performance by customising your report views with custom metrics by contributor:

  • Locate a national or by store investment with a daily updated report on DeepReach, once campaign’s launched
  • Monitor franchise's performances with store-specific margins metrics
  • Improve the individual contribution of all your points of sale to overall revenues and increase brand’s turnover

Discover the solution, without commitment

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